Why do we all have to be afraid of Muslims?

Remember Katy Perry’s music video?

Muslims believed the video was a blasphemous video. They sincerely believed that Islam would be saved if the video was vanished.

Katy Perry has now removed the scene from her video where a man wearing a pendant forming the word Allah was melted into sand.

Katy Perry has saved Islam. She edited the video. She did not need to edit her video, but she did. People everywhere fulfill the wishes of Muslims. We all give them everything whatever they demand for. We do not care if those demands are anti democracy, anti human rights, anti free speech.

How long Muslims would threat humanity for their myths? How long Muslims will keep Islam as an untouchable religion? The answer is very simple, as long as we are afraid of them.


    • Annonymous says

      people like katty perry fulfill muslims demands just because two reasons .

      first Financial Reason
      second : They want peace

      i mean most of people don’t like cruelty and riots . every non muslim know and understand that muslmis are crural

  1. Maria de Lourdes says

    Good point…..as far as i can remmember,Islam is one of the religions who disrespect human´s right the most…

  2. অভিজিৎ (OV) says

    Untouched things never get the touch of evolution. Either they perish or they make thing perish. Fanaticism is nothing but the accumulation of some blind, primitive thoughts, & it’s like poison. It poisons the society, it poisons minds of new generation.

  3. Bettina says

    You are so right. We should not give in to muslims and islam all the time. They must learn to accept democracy in our part of the world. And in their part too, I think, in the years to come. Every year, millions of muslims leave muslim countries because they don’t want to live there. Even islamist prefer to live in western domocracies where they have free speach to say hatefull things about democracy! Ironic!

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