Punished for love

Hate is alright.
Assault is almost alright.
Rape is not so alright in some cases, but alright in many cases.
Killing is alright in many cases too. For example, the state can kill in the name of capital punishment, you can kill people as much as you want during the war, you can kill a passerby if you feel you would get attacked by him.
Love is not alright.
You can be jailed for love in a country called Bangladesh.

Here is the news.

A 22-year-old Muslim woman in Bangladesh has been arrested and charged with kidnapping after she eloped with and married a Hindu teenage girl in what could be the first reported same-sex marriage in the conservative country that bans homosexuality.

Police arrested Sanjida Akter and her 16-year-old girlfriend in Dhaka on July 23 after the minor’s father registered a complaint, saying his daughter had been abducted.


Abduction charge? Then the girl who abducted the other girl should be arrested, why the girl who was abducted was arrested? Old men forcefully marry girl children everyday in the rural areas. I have never heard any man gets arrested for their crimes to marry minors. Now, a couple who love each other and start living together arrested. I doubt whether the younger girl is really 16. It can be a made up age to make the arrest easier. We live in a violent world, where love and love making are often considered crimes.

“We detained them in a house they rented and were stunned to discover this is a lesbian case,” Lieutenant Sazzad Raihan, an officer.

“Both told us that they love each other. They fled their homes in Pirojpur district to start a family in Dhaka. (The younger girl) told us that they were married under Hindu traditions at their home the previous night.”

Homosexuality and same-sex marriages are illegal in the majority Muslim south Asian nation and people who are open about their sexuality often face discrimination and violence. This may be the first known case of a same-sex marriage in Bangladesh, although the wedding was not performed by a cleric, priest or magistrate.

Homosexuality is illegal in Muslim countries. But homosexuality is legal in Muslim heaven. Beautiful young boys are kept in heaven to serve men wine and sex. Muslim countries are terribly hypocrite to ban alcohol and homosexual Love. Alcohol is not really banned in Bangladesh. People drink alcohol as much as they want. Male homosexuals are roaming around the cities, they don’t get often punished for being homosexuals. But girls get punished for being homosexuals only because they are girls, I don’t think they are punished because one of the married girls is a minor. The court would not recognize their marriage anyway. They only exchanged the garlands of flowers to be married.

Why so much anger against girls? Is it because they have denied to marry men and denied to be humiliated, abused and raped by men and denied to be treated like child bearing machines and slaves by men? The loving girls did not kill or harm anyone. Their only crime is they kick the ass of male dominated patriarchal system. Right, officers?

“A jinn (evil spirit) has possessed her since she was a student in class four [9 years old] and we tried many ways to free her from it. This is what’s provoking her into this behaviour,” Abdus Sobhan, Sanjida’s father said.

“No one will ever lodge any complaint against me. Not even [this girl] as I did not abduct her. She went with me willingly,” she told the newspaper before going to jail.

Finally! Women love women, so women must be possessed by evil spirits. Now beat her up until jinns leave her body. What a wonderful solution for the same-sex-love!
Patriarchy, religion, misogyny, ignorance, barbarism all walk hand in hand to destroy women whoever dare to enjoy the rights they deserve.


  1. says

    frankly no one cares who marries whom or who wants to live with anyone people are so frustrsted with their own lives that they wait for a chance to vent their frustration

  2. Jockaira says

    Today’s English Lesson: the difference between murder and killing.
    Kill: verb, to cause the death or cessation of life of a living being
    Homicide: verb, noun, to kill a human or the act of killing a human
    Murder: noun, an act of homicide prohibited or proscribed by social or legal custom. Verb, the act of killing a human in circumstances prohibited or proscribed by social or legal custom.
    The words kill and murder are sometimes applied to inanimate objects such as machinery, ideas, philosophies, et.al. Animals and plants can also be killed but not murdered.
    On some level, most people recognize the difference and without saying so also recognize that murder is a heinous offense against human society. Some writers and speakers will use the word murder when the correct usage would be kill, in order to lay a moral judgment on the killer without taking personal responsibility for that judgment. This is disingenuous and should cause the reader or listener to be suspicious of the writer’s or speaker’s other words, unless the faulty usage is due simply to not knowing the difference between killing and murder.
    Personal note: When I see someone else using the word murder instead of kill, I first ask myself if that person uses English well or perhaps uses English as a second language. In the latter case, I forgive the fault as an unintended oversight. If there is sufficient evidence for that person being fluent in English, then I can only presume the usage to be intentional demagoguery and have a very real tendency to dismiss everything else he says.
    It is obvious from Taslima’s use of the word murder as in: “Murder is alright in many cases too.”, and “the state can murder in the name of capital punishment,” and “you can murder people as much as you want during the war,” that she doesn’t understand the linguistic difference between murder and killing, therefore I’ll give her a pass on this and ask her to be more careful in the future. Additionally other languages may not have separate words for kill and murder.
    BTW: Murder is never “alright”. That’s what makes it “Murder.”

  3. says

    Just your opening paragraph of so called “your thought “is not only misleading but it is matter of hate. Such opinion is expected from an uncivilised and uncouth like you !You have commented “Rape is not so alright- in some cases-but alright in many cases” What you want to convey to readers-I wonder ? Alroght you have written about two women of Bangala Desh, believing in same sex marrioage-alright.

    But your thought on rape is highly objectionable and unpardonable as you have justified rape in many cases- Perhaps , you want to make Bangala Desh , a country of rapes on women. It is not new thing-my dear, in Bangala Desh-exactly I remember at the time of liberation of Bangala Desh from Pakistan army-there were authentic reports that thousands of women of Bangala Desh were raped by Pak army personnel- And many got pregnant-subsequently they must have born-that’s why you justify rapes in many cases-thanks

    Please reply- have to ;learn many things from you, kksingh

    • says

      [sahr-kaz-uhm] Show IPA
      harsh or bitter derision or irony.
      a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.
      1570–80; < Late Latin sarcasmus < Greek sarkasmós, derivative of sarkázein to rend (flesh), sneer; see sarco-

      Related forms
      su·per·sar·casm, noun

      1. sardonicism, bitterness, ridicule. See irony1 . 2. jeer.


        • says

          I do not think you will understand anything I say or any freethinkers say. Free thought blogs are not for you. Why don’t you just go to facebook and have fun with your kind of people?

          • says

            Dr Tasmila, you are incorrigible-you do not understand the things and write like your Bangala trash in your so called free thought blog-Just I ask you simple thing- Do you justify rapes in many cases ? but you are evading the topic-I know what does free thought mean ! Not calling or justifying rapes ! Hopefully you will understand the truth- I do not consider myself a great but you are just ruining your talents by polarising RSS and other Hinduvata organisations sentiments in India to spread communalism in India !


          • yellowsubmarine says

            Singh you are missing the point entirely. Her opening paragraph is talking about the culture’s views, not her own. If you have read anything else she’s written, it’s clear she doesn’t think that “hate is alright” and wouldn’t actually agree with the rest of the things she wrote along those same lines. But many cultures do encourage and enforce hate, misogyny, rape, and religious “morality” over actual justice. This is what that paragraph was drawing attention to.

    • Agni_B says

      Are u a Singh or a Rat? May be a Paki jihadist.
      You acted like uncivilised and uncouth pig without understanding
      what is opinion hate and speculation

      How did you read Taslima endorsed rape, she spent half of her lives
      fighting against rape, when you ass lickers kept ur big mouth shut
      and were hiding behind woman’s skirt

      In marriage if woman cry rape – it is in some cases may not be a factual rape.
      Has this ever penetrated to ur empty skull. So all rape cant be termed as real rape

      A coward pussycat trying to insult a woman with no valid reason but his own stupidity.

  4. says

    REply: some of you are speaking misleading facts to justify Taslima on the the instigation of so called ” queen of Bangaladesh”. I do not claim that I am perfect-I have also little knowledge but different from you. Perhaps you people are encouraging Taslima to speak in communal languages to create hatred in India. These facts clearly reflects Tasmila is causing immense harm to secular fabric of India! She always uses abusive languages against Islam and many other religions,besides many other topics like sex, rapes etc taking advantage of freedom of speech in India-But Indian do not care her about her zehadi languages . And because of that she is protrsted to speak at any of the interactive sessions throughout India-Taslima must know, she lives in India on extended visa and passport for shelter not to create communal harmony in India. !

    • Agni_B says

      She is not only queen of Bd- but queen of hearts for many thousands sane, rational people.
      You just made yourself a king of parasite.

      You lack the basic civilised norm to debate intelligently in public forum. Only description I
      can think of is ‘foulmouthed ignorant‘
      You accused her of many things, but produced no facts so far.
      You also have nt answered- where and when did she endorsed rape?
      Looking for communal hatred, inspect Zakir Naik not Taslima.
      Nothing Taslima said about Islam can be construed as hate mongering, and those information’s
      can be found in Muslim holy books.
      Once again , what communal hatred you are referring to? Unpleasent truth is not communal hatred

      Secular India does nt mean Muslim appeasement. She is brave enough to expose that fallacy.
      She is a state guest of India, does not need your approval to stay ,visit or how she can converse

      Your conduct so far – a sad case of wounded mad dog looking for a safe den
      You just exposed yourself , a Paki,embarrassed of his origin, hiding under Singh

      • says

        tHE SO CALLED aGNI _b, YOU appear to be a fool and illiterate-you have not read Taslima-she always abuses Islam and Muslims-this is her bread and butter-What you say , please read her only than comment on her !

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