The face tells all.


Australopithecus sediba was half human-like and half chimp-like animal.

Researchers said, “Sediba shows a strange mix of primitive australopithecine traits and derived Homo traits — face and anterior dentition like Homo, shape of the cranium like Homo, other parts of the face and size of the cranium like an australopithecine, arms like an australopithecine, pelvis and lower limbs like Homo and feet and ankles like an australopithecine!”

After having all the evidences of evolution, I wonder how billions of people still continue believing in funny Adam and Eve story!


  1. Peter Sanders says

    Humans are particularly sensitive to visual stimuli from other human faces. We have great facial variation, allowing us to ascribe agency and a guess at parentage ! This is one reason why people look at these faces and react negatively to the suggestion that we are their descendants. They appear to be unlike us and so trigger the outgroup hostility reaction.

    I must point out though, not all these are on the main line of sapiens descent. floresiensis has never been suggested as one of our ancestors.


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