Size Matters. I told you!

Scientists have discovered that size really does matter to women when it comes to the length of a man’s penis.

Scientists have discovered that size really does matter to women when it comes to the length of a man’s manhood.

A taboo-breaking study into female sexual desire has revealed how much women secretly revere a man with a sizeable penis.

The researchers believe that the relatively long phallus of Homo sapiens, which is far larger than it needs to be to perform its essential biological role, is in fact the result of many generations of prehistoric women choosing well-endowed men.

Before clothing, the unaroused member would have been conspicuous to females in an upright-walking species and so could have evolved to become larger than was physically needed as a result of female choice, the scientists postulate.

This innate attractiveness toward well-endowed men is retained today, hidden deep within the female psyche, according to Brian Mautz, formerly of the Australian National University in Canberra and lead author of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“We found that male attractiveness is significantly influenced by penis size. More specifically, we found that large penises are rated as relatively more attractive than smaller ones,” Dr Mautz told The Independent.

“Our results show that present-day females rate larger penises as more attractive, but it is hard to infer anything much beyond that. Part of the reason is because of clothing – it does complicate the situation,” he said.
Unravelling the role played by the flaccid male member in making a man appear attractive to women was solved by using life-sized, three-dimensional images of naked male manikins projected on to a video screen.

Each of 49 different images was rotated slightly to show off the anatomically correct details of the male genitalia, while about 100 Australian women were asked to rate each life-size image according to its sexual allure, based on a score of one to seven.

In addition to varying the penis length, the scientists played around with the stature of the models, making the men appear taller or shorter, and with wider shoulders or hips, which were already known to influence male sexual attractiveness.

“The effect of penis size on attractiveness is not independent of the other two traits of height and shoulder-to-hip ratio. For example, penis size has a much larger effect on attractiveness for taller men, than it does for shorter men,” Dr Mautz said.

“It certainly does show that size matters, at least on some level, and that how much it matters is relative to other traits.”

As a woman, I can tell you, large penises are very attractive. If a woman is not shy, and you can earn her trust, she will tell you the truth. She will tell you that she just loves large penises. I talked with many women, they said ‘masturbation is better than having sex with a small-penis-man’. Some women say ‘size does not matter’ to make small-penis-men happy. Women have been indoctrinated by small-penis-men to say it and believe it. Thanks our ancient ancestor women for choosing larger penises. But we are very unfortunate generation. We can’t select our partners after seeing the size of their penises. We have to fall in love or marry before seeing the thing covered by clothes. Many women end up in a awkward situation when a lover’s or hubby’s tiny penises are discovered.

Prehistoric women chose far larger penises than it needed to be to perform its essential biological role. Doesn’t pleasure have any role to play? If women get good orgasm, they desire to have more sex and more sex means more offspring. Species survive. Large penises can give better orgasm than small penises. I believe so.


  1. slc1 says

    Not to further obnoxiate this thread but doesn’t girth also play a role? Guys with long phalluses but small girth are derisively referred to as needle dicks.

  2. maudell says

    What is wrong with people.
    First, in my limited experience, men think way more about penis size than women do. I’m not saying no woman care, some do, but I suspect most women prefer just having a good guy they are compatible with.
    On the obsession of penis metaphors front, it reminds me of a technique used by Americans during World War II. The USSR was short in condom supply, and the US sent them XL size labeled as “Standard US size”. Get it? Big penis=superior.
    That’s such a “my dad is stronger than yours” argument.
    On a different front, many sex surveys also indicate than women are more sexually satisfied with men with average-to-small penises. Maybe less ridiculous performance hubris makes them actually remember about their partner.
    But I’m probably lying on behalf of the powerful International Freemason/Small Penis Lobby. Or something.

    • Moniqa Aylin says

      “On a different front, many sex surveys also indicate than women are more sexually satisfied with men with average-to-small penises. Maybe less ridiculous performance hubris makes them actually remember about their partner.
      But I’m probably lying on behalf of the powerful International Freemason/Small Penis Lobby. Or something.”

      Source, please?

      I thought I was the only one. But really, most of the women I speak to lament big dick syndrome, in which men just stick it in there and rely on size rather than skill. I know I have a better time with the small-to-average fellas myself.

      I wonder if the ladies in the Australian survey regularly take out a ruler in bed and how reliable such a survey could possibly be.

      • maudell says

        Sorry I’m late to reply.

        I know I should have put a link, but I forgot the name of the study. I tend to doubt such studies because they have very small samples (usually not very diverse), no way to control properly and insert cultural elements into the question. So I want to start with this “grain of salt” part.

        I checked out the study after I heard Dan Savage mention it a few times on his podcast. I think he tends to be pretty reliable when I check the studies he cites (though he also invites evo psych divinator Jesse Bering, which is quite the hack, yikes! [see Bering’s Salon’s article on why believers are more trustworthy as an example])

        So I don’t know how rigorous the study was since I don’t have it here with me. The results, however, make sense to me, and reflect my experience. Men who have smaller penises often (this is in no way a “rule”) are more caring lovers, even though it might be for the wrong reasons (thinking they may be inadequate).

        I know some women do find it very important, but I think the assumption often comes from a distorted vision of female sexuality (most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone anyway).

  3. Rudolf Root says

    Welll … Taslima …
    I have been following your blog quite some time now, I’m afraid that I have to disagree with you on this one — not with your thoughts or experiences (“Large penises can give better orgasm” — I certainly believe that you are right) but to your phrasing.

    To understand my uneasiness, just read your text exchanging the words “men” to “women” and “penis[ses]” to “breast[s]” and your text reads like this:

    As a man, I can tell you, large breasts are very attractive. If a man is not shy, and you can earn his trust, he will tell you the truth. He will tell you that he just loves large breasts. I talked with many men, they said ‘masturbation is better than having sex with a small-breast-woman’. Some men say ‘size does not matter’ to make small-breast-women happy. […] But we are very unfortunate generation. We can’t select our partners after seeing the size of their breasts. We have to fall in love or marry before seeing the things covered by clothes. Many men end up in a awkward situation when a lover’s or wifey’s tiny breasts are discovered.

    If a man had written this text, I’d think of him as an old jerk.
    You, Taslima, clearly do NOT fit into this category.

    – – – Hey, a thought just crossed my mind … have i been falling for a poe?

    • Camomile Lox says

      I agree, you have a point there. Someone writing the same way about small v big breasts would have been reprimanded immediately by many at Freethought Blogs.

      “As a man, I can tell you, large breasts are very attractive. If a man is not shy, and you can earn his trust, he will tell you the truth. He will tell you that he just loves large breasts. I talked with many men, they said ‘masturbation is better than having sex with a small-breast-woman’. Some men say ‘size does not matter’ to make small-breast-women happy. […] But we are very unfortunate generation. We can’t select our partners after seeing the size of their breasts. We have to fall in love or marry before seeing the things covered by clothes. Many men end up in a awkward situation when a lover’s or wifey’s tiny breasts are discovered.”

      As for her being a poe, wow, I dunno, but the whole womendontrapemen thing looks suspicious now that you mention it. But then she deleted it, so it must have been embarrassed by what she said.

  4. alliecat says

    1) You don’t think “troll”, when you see a study making these claims by a journal with the acronym “PNAS”? I personally like larger penises, but I don’t extrapolate from that that it’s the same for all women, and when you stop being arrogant you won’t either.

    2) Not all men have penises, and not everyone with a penis is a man (although the latter is more an incidental thing, since AMAB trans people are on the whole less inclined to use their penises sexually than cis men anyway). Also, not all women like penises of any size. I’m disappointed to see cisnormative and heteronormative wording like this on FTB.

    • hammerfall says

      Joke? You’re joking? You think PNAS is a made up journal name? Hahaha keep your unevidenced OPINION out of the adult’s debate little child. Or *FLOOSH* you will be dismissed as an idjit. IT is a real thing and very important journal actually.

      “Not all men have penises,” CITATION NEEDED.

      “not everyone with a penis is a man” CITATION NEEDED

      “AMAB trans people are on the whole less inclined to use their penises sexually than cis men anyway” CITATION NEEDED

      “not all women like penises of any size” CITATION NEEDED

  5. Francisco Bacopa says

    I think the largest average penis sizes are in West Africa and Western Europe. Are these the last areas of the world to have become patriarchical so that sexual selection based on penis size could have made a difference?

  6. says

    No link to the actual paper? Not even the necessary WWWW* to find it easily? My …
    As far as I found out it is:

    Brian S. Mautz, Bob B. M. Wong, Richard A. Peters, and Michael D. Jennions, Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness, PNAS, 2013

    Costs 10 bucks to read it; that’s a tenner I don’t have, sorry.
    Anybody here with a subscription to PNAS?

    More information I found: N = 105, >70% of European origin, ~20% Asian and 7% “from elsewhere” (Source for all: AFP. You may ask them or read the paper to get to know what “from elsewhere” means). Average age was 26.
    53 different variations of life-sized computer generated male bodies (variation in: heights, body shapes and flaccid penis lengths; no variation in race), rotating (probably around the vertical mid-axis, I think). Time to rate was three seconds.

    Hey, a thought just crossed my mind … have i been falling for a poe?

    No, but probably for one of these Evo-Psych-papers: make an experiment, find something out, and make wild guesses about the reason for it, the wilder the better.

    What, me and biased? Noooooo, how dare you! ,-)

    *Who: author(s), What: title of the article, Where: name of the journal, When: date of publication

  7. mb says

    At least the MRAs now know more about the truth of their oppression!

    And what is a small-penised man (especially the MRA) to do about this new-found fact? Why, redouble his efforts to ensure that women are never equal, of course! And keep holding them to the standard of the skinny, large-breasted caricatures found in our media.

    For those not shy women ready to seek out their preferred penis size, will we start seeing scads of large penis trophy husbands, only to infuriate the MRAs even more? Does age matter, as it does with men? Or is an old, but large, penis just as good as a young and large one?

    It’s good to know women are exactly the same as men, only focused on a different part of the anatomy. Poe, indeed.

  8. Austin Morton says

    Worth mentioning that the study says body type explained 80% of attractiveness, with 6% for penis size.

    • Good says

      It’s difficult to see this as a Poe because it doesn’t really parody anything and would be far from “brilliant”. Their is no fundamentalist effort to prove universal male desire for any particular aspect of female anatomy and no declaration that any man who doesn’t express such desire is not being honest. In fact, the latest study of breast size preference was for the purpose of showing that men who prefer larger breasts are more sexist:

      Interestingly enough, this study concludes:

      “The researchers found that the largest percentage of participants (32.7 percent) rated medium-sized breasts as “most attractive,” followed by large (24.4 percent), very large (19.1 percent), small (15.5 percent) and very small (8.3 percent).”

      Thus, 56.5% of men prefer breasts that range between medium-sized and very small.

  9. Monojit says

    Being a man I can’t say about women attraction but I think big and shaped boobs are attractive for man, but its not essential. I think size is no matter,how it presents in the time of sexual enjoyment,that is the matter.

  10. Urmila Mathonkar says

    But men use their penis to threaten us. They use it like weapon – for their own pleasure through our pain. I wish I had a penis because:

    (1) you can pee standing up
    (2) you don’t bleed once a month
    (3) don’t have to go the gynecologist get pap tests and deal with other female problems
    (4) you don’t have to give birth
    (5) you get more pleasure out of sex
    (6) you don’t get raped
    (7) you don’t get the fishy/unpleasant odour/yeast infections,etc
    (8) I know I would have a big erection haha
    (9) I could know what if feels like to get head
    (10) I would play with myself everyday couple times a day
    (11) I could brag about it being big like all guys do!!
    (12) I wouldn’t get lectured about telling to suck penis and how it is that is not ladylike not to suck it. Disgusting !!
    (13) I can pee on people/off of buildings
    (14) I can see my sex organ

    Alas ! But being a woman I cannot be a man as per my desire. But a man can change his anatomy to be a woman.

    • Tphonik says

      I don’t mean this as a hostile response Urmila. Woman have their difficulties in their lives and I would be unfair to deny that. But for the sake of comparison just check this out..

      1) I pee standing up most times. But when I am tired in the morning and only half awake sitting down is easier.
      Although woman can’t write their name in the snow 🙂
      2) No, we don’t. But woman enjoy a greater amount of reproductive rights which surely makes up for the biological burden woman carry.
      3) The biggest killer of men is prostate cancer, that means rectal examinations if you don’t want to die young.
      4) Please see answer 2
      5) You’re doing it wrong!! I would say pleasure comes easier for men but how much pleasure a woman gets is up to her. You need to speak up to your partner if you are not being satisfied (and don;t fake orgasms, you are not helping a caring partner who wants you to enjoy yourself)
      6) Men do suffer various kinds of sexual assault by woman. I have and I know other men who have. It isn’t given as much attention as woman because it is not as prevalent and men tend to shrug it off when it does happen to them. Type the term “females gangs raping men in Zimbabwe” in to Google – scarey considering how wide spread HIV/AIDS is in that part of the world.
      7) Boys aren’t stinky? Guys don’t mind that as much as you think we do. Have you ever heard the term “scent of a woman”. Guys enjoy a woman’s natural scent during sex the most.
      8) You would first thing in the morning when you are dying to take a pee. Morning glory pee, it would be comical if it wasn’t so annoying.
      9) Okay getting head is great. It’s super great. But like I said, you aint doing it right. Get your partner to do some reading.
      10) What’s stopping you now. I though woman enjoyed masturbation.
      11) I don’t know any guys like this. Some guys joke but it’s more in relation to the “does size matter” myth than actually referring to the penis size of one’s self
      12) Dump him. Getting head is great, but it is absolutely amazing when a lady gives it you because she wants to. If a guy asks for it he does not have a right to shame in you in to giving it and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
      13) Why do you want to pee on people?
      14) Get yourself a mirror. Some girls like using a mirror when they masturbate.

      Don’t let envy of others get in your way of enjoying what you are. There are ups and downs to everyone’s life no matter what colour, gender, culture they are. That’s the trick to this whole gender war. Nobody wins, nobody looses so why fight over it, why complain 🙂

  11. Kayem says

    If you have big penis, then your lucky. But it doesn’t matter if you have small penis as long as you know to make your girl fall in love with you. That’s what counts. Unless if she’s really a pure slut then sorry for yourself. boracay packages

  12. Boris says

    Funny how evolutionary psychology is suddenly a respectable field with much to teach us. And here I thought it was just a tool of The Patriarchy ™ to justify misogyny. I guess that mostly depends on if the conclusions line up with your prejudices.
    As for Urmila’s blatantly ridiculous rant, I fail to see how men use their penises to hurt women, but maybe I’m not a paranoid delusional.
    1: so can women, I’ve seen it done. It’s just not very comfortable for them. Blame Mother Nature I guess
    2: see number 1
    3: yes, men don’t have to deal with humiliating things like gynecologists, just having fingers shoved up their asses to check for prostate cancers.
    4: see number 1
    5: blatantly false. Anything I’ve ever seen on the subject says a female orgasm is orders of magnitude better than a male one.
    6: blatantly false again
    7: if you’re not a filthy degenerate with no sense of hygiene, neither do most women
    8: good for you! a big erection is a joy to have.
    9: I feel sad for you if you’ve never had anyone eat your muff
    10: Having a vagina makes it impossible to masturbate? That’s news to me
    11: see number 8
    12: I’d love to know where you’ve seen the claim that giving blowjobs is ladylike behaviour. It’s pleasant for the man of course, but so is having your pussy eaten out. Or so I’ve been led to believe.
    13: You can also do that as a woman. Nothing’s stoping you
    14: get a mirror if it intrigues so much
    A man can change his exterior genital appearance if he is so inclined, sadly it doesn’t make much of a difference in the plumbing behind it. At least with the technology we have right now. Maybe uterus implants will be a thing in the future.

  13. says

    I thought April 1st was over?
    Seriously, they’re making the same mistake most evo-psych stuff makes:
    1. Take a modern phenomenon
    2. Make up a nice “just so story” about our past

    I mean, there are still cultures out there where penises aren’t particularyl hidden. Seems like the place to go to study, insted of Australian women who’ve been raised within a “bigger dicks are better dicks” culture.

  14. ben says

    As a man with an above average size, I can say that even for me satisfaction for both will depend on the partner as well. The tightness of vaginas does vary somewhat considerably, and is definitely a factor for me and something us guys are unable to realise until it is too late, just like a woman discovering his penis size for the first time.. The body size of a woman is no ‘tell’, I have been with small women with deceptively large/loose vaginas and vice versa, the only predictor I have noticed would be age and whether she has had children etc.

    Although extremely noticeable, it is certainly not a deal breaker, myself and most guys I have spoken to would not break up with a girl because of it. Im sure if they did a similar study for men it would suggest that we preferred tighter vaginas over looser ones, but as the saying goes, “the biggest sex organ is between the ears”, and with mutual respect and attraction ticking all the other boxes i think the size of ones genitals needn’t be an issue. Compatibility is such a rare thing I think it would be a shallow and possibly regrettable move to banish a potential sweetheart from your life because of just this, but I do understand the preferences of both sexes.

  15. The Mellow Monkey says

    Funny. Just last night my partner and I were discussing how we wish that there were better options for sex toys and prosthetics (particularly of the strapless strap-on variety) that took into account that not everybody who likes penetration also likes to be fisted by silicone.

    Bigger isn’t better for everyone. Current fashion does not reflect the personal experiences of women of different body types and throughout history and across cultures.

    When small penises were the ideal in Greek and Roman art, do you think women were snickering at the statues or admiring them the same way we admire what our culture says is ideal?

    • Corvus illustris says

      … small penises were the ideal in Greek and Roman art …

      True of Greek to some extent, but in pottery decoration it’s less clear, particularly when ithyphallic young men are involved. The aesthetic ideal certainly was that small was better (and circumcised was grotesque and ugly). Roman? The sculpture is hellenistic, but from Martial, or from mosaics, the evidence as to actual Roman preferences goes in the other direction.

      • Corvus illustris says

        Never been there, although the late first Mrs Corva (an art historian) did visit. Problems: (1) Priapus, like the Egyptian Min, is just always that way. (2) A lot of the big ones, particularly if 3-dimensional, are charms against the evil eye or advertisements for brothels, cast from imagination rather than from life. (3) Reproductions of the bedroom art (now much defaced), as well as the decorations in the changing rooms of the baths, don’t seem to represent anything Reallly Big, though they may be more impressive when one is there. I’d still rely on literary references to size queens of all genders.

  16. ShowMetheData says

    A woman’s pleasure matters? Data does not support that. For the last 5-10k years, only the menz count

    • Corvus illustris says

      Five or ten thousand years of literate culture. To the extent that the Australian results might represent an evolved trait, 5-10k years are an eyeblink. Oh, and as to women’s pleasure, IIRC at least one of those Pompeian women is receiving oral sex.

    • whatashame says

      Depends on what you mean by “matters.” IIRC, there are arguments that the female orgasm could be just a spandrel of the male adapted orgasm so in *a* sense, it wouldn’t “matter.” :p

      Considering that oral sex can be more pleasurable than penetration with even a bigger penis (stimulation of the glans vs extra pressure on the spongy body), the OP doesn’t make great sense anyway. I’m still considering the possibility that it’s a poe.

  17. says

    Men and women prefer bigger penises when it comes down to real honesty. Of course, all things being “equal”, there are limits and of course, there is such a thing as “too big”.

  18. says

    This is terrible news!

    ..I mean.. er.. this is great news! >_>

    But seriously, if they had 3 seconds to evaluate, I’m not sure how accurate this is. If you gave guys 3 seconds to evaluate women with varied breast sizes, I’m sure there would be a similar bias, even though it wouldn’t reflect actual opinions, which tend to be more neutral (and varied) and not automatically “bigger is better”.

    Not saying it’s wrong, but I wouldn’t call it conclusive without significantly more data.

    (Also, I don’t know what Johnny Miilv and Good are on, but I don’t want any of it.)

  19. erinmcc says

    i am a woman, too, and as a woman, i can tell you, ive never judged the attractiveness of a man by his penis. i am not shy, trust me or not i dont care, i am telling you the truth. i dont care about penis size.

    how denigrating to women to suggest that we all care about size and all love large penises. i am sure some women do, we each have particular body parts that “do it” for us, but its not the penis for all women. penis size has never factored into attractiveness for me, perhaps in part because i dont tend to run around looking at naked men. i am not going to see the penis unless i already am attracted to the man its attached to. at that point, penis size is about as important as hairy toes.

    i wonder if the woman’s vaginal canal size was taken into account in this study. the only positive or negative effect ive personally experienced that concerned size is that a longer penis can actually hurt if it impacts the cervix. in that case, longer is not necessarily better, and based on my experience i would be less inclined to prefer a longer than average penis.

    also, how can you claim all women love large penises in the same paragraph where you claim we have to marry or fall in love before we can see the penis? women are not all sexually agressive and all sexually passive at the same time. we DONT all love large penises and we DO have sex without marriage or love. we are not just stereotypes.

    • Stephen Hanft says

      That was a wonderful reply which is an accurate rebuttal to the falsehoods and outright lies of the article.

  20. Charles Stevens says

    Quite recently Taslima posted an article expressing her opprobrium for “sexist men” for wanting women with large breasts.
    When this article was posted, I waited and waited, hoping she would pull a ‘gotcha’.
    Unfortunately, it appears that she was serious with this article.
    It is disappointing to say the least to discover that someone you had previously admired is a hypocrite.
    I just wonder if she even realizes it.

    • Good says


      You can only be sexist toward women. You cannot be sexist toward men. At least this is the POV of many like Taslima. The inability to see such a double standard and hypocrisy is amazing. Men are ripe for demeaning whereas women must be handled with care. Sexism at its finest.

    • says

      Do you mean this?

      If so, your characterization is inaccurate. It was a study showing that men who are more sexist tend to desire large breasts. It did NOT say that desiring large breasts makes one sexist, and Taslima even added that men who don’t care about breast size can be sexist too. There was no condemnation for men liking larger breasts. Just because sexists tend to like large breasts doesn’t mean that liking large breasts makes one sexist. (“All penguins are birds but not all birds are penguins.”)

      If this was the post you’re talking about, I think you made a mistake. (“Good”, on the other hand, seems to be projecting.)

      • Good says

        Oh please. Are you seriously declaring that Taslima’s words are not critical of male desire for certain body types when she says:

        “Men who treat women as sexual objects like to see women having fair skin, long hair, curved body, large breasts, tight vagina”.

        Taslima does NOT emphasize nor even mention the idea that desiring large breasts does not automatically mean that the man is sexist. But she does emphasize that desiring smaller breasts does not automatically mean being non-sexist. Clearly, she only wanted to emphasize the negative.

        When racists promote something negative about blacks, they commonly clarify that they are not talking about “all” blacks. But this doesn’t make them any less racist.

        • says

          Yes, I’m seriously declaring that her words mean what those words actually mean when formed into a sentence, as opposed to what you imagine they must secretly mean.

          I’m not a mind-reader so I can’t judge what wasn’t said. Maybe someone who says “penguins are birds” really DOES think that all birds are penguins. But if that’s not what was said, then I can’t very well criticize what wasn’t said.

  21. Tphonik says

    I think Taslima has a right to admit to liking big penises.

    If a woman’s vagina has stretched out to the point where a ‘big one’ is now all that satisfies her then fair enough.

    I am a fairly average size so I don’t find woman with really big vagina’s to be particularly attractive. I also don;t like it when a woman is dry and incapable of producing her own fluids because it can hurt.

    Big and dry. Not very attractive at all.

    I overcame my ego’s attachment to my penis size. It took about five minutes of thought. It doesn’t bother me. If a lady doesn’t like what I got there’s plenty of fish in the sea for her to find what she’s looking for and like wise me.

    Taslima, is the shape and size of your vagina linked to your ego? Are you prepared to openly discuss it in a public forum?

    • whatashame says

      Your comment is very passive-aggressive, dude. “She has a right” but then you go on to insinuate she has a “big, stretched vagina.”


      • Tphonik says

        It was meant to be passive aggressive dude.

        Stating that size matters without explaining what that is in relation to is a very unbalanced approach to the topic of male penis size and female sexual pleasure.

        I can’t stand it when some men state that breast size matters. The idea that it is okay to feel entitled to certain aspects of people’s anatomy is a form of sexual aggression. Stating that penis size in itself is equally aggressive.

        An understanding of simple geometry would indicate that there might be further things to add to this subject.
        And this is why I have invited Taslima to discuss the shape and size of her vagina in relation to the size of penis she is attracted to.

        I am comfortable with my penis size and hopefully Taslima is comfortable with the size of her vagina. I have already discussed my preference for vagina size in relation to my average penis size. To remove the aggression from Taslima’s essay I am inviting her to provide additional information in order to balance out the subject.

        Like most people I am not comfortable with other people’s sexual aggression and I tend to be passive aggressive in my reaction to it.

    • Herman says


      Got it right man….Taslima is hardcore feminist & men hater….she will never leave a chance to Ridicule men. Sometimes I wonder…if she is lesbo???????????????????????

  22. tphonik says

    Hi Taslima,

    when you are ready please don’t forget to tell us all how big your vagina is?

    I can’t imagine that you are petite because a large penis would physically hurt you and you like large penis.

    There is nothing wrong with this. Personally I like big butts (and I can not lie), although it doesn’t matter in a long term sense, a big heart will blow me away way more and small butts are still cute as hell to me. But in terms of my own preference, and on balance is purely personal and not indicative of the preference of all men, I like curvy ladies.

    So, is it just your vaginal cavity big? Do you have big floppy lips? Have you been stretched out by child birth?

    As you said size matters to you, by implication you are comfortable with other people judging you by your size and using it as a means to validate your worth to them.

    I prefer a good fit myself, that’s where I see size as mattering. I would never want to be too big or too small for a lady who’s pleasure I want to make my business.

    Seriously though, I know I am being passive aggressive but it would be interesting if you are comfortable enough if you are capable to go beyond talking bout other people’s bodies and start talking so openly about your own.

    Thanks ,

  23. totes says

    I’ll have to read the original research article because simply stating that an increase in penis size increased attractiveness is not particularly enlightening. For instance, was the comparison between a mannequin with a 2 inch penis and another with a 6 inch penis? Simply stating that penis size increases attractiveness would mean the most attractive person would have a ridiculously large penis that most women could not insert and would look ridiculous on a man (e.g. over 15 inches). This is clearly not the case.

    It is also not informative when women simply state that size does matter. Of course, it is trivially obvious that a 2 inch penis is too small. But too large has to be possible as well. If stating that size matters means there is a good range between microscopic and gigantic, then stating size matters conveys nearly 0 information.

    A man and a woman’s conceptualization of a large penis are likely very different. This could be down to imagination, sensitivity, or exposure. A woman stating that she likes a large penis may be stating that she likes a slightly above average penis (say 7 inches) but a guy is likely thinking that she wants one of the huge penises he has seen in porn movies. Besides, I doubt many women have been with a man with what most men would consider a truly large penis. A penis over 7.5 inches is rare in the population and most women have likely never been with a man over that size unless they have had an significantly above average number of sex partners or she is taking specific steps to meet very large men to sleep with.

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  25. Joe Joe Jim says

    human rights activist? Ha! You write a blog that is clearly an attempt to humiliate men for something they cannot control. Furthermore, you act as if you speak for the entire female population on a subject that is as superficial as it gets. You have no credibility, and worse yet you are a clear example of why so many couples fail in relationships and what is wrong with society today.

    you are a joke.

    • Stephen Hanft says

      Joe, I so much agree with you. I have never heard of her or read any of her writings until now. It was superficial, disgusting, and obnoxious. Human rights activist she defines herself? absurd and ridiculous. No human rights activist would ever write such an article with such deplorable views and garbage. Degrading and humiliating garbage is what she wrote and tries to try to pass it off as fact when truth is that it’s just her obnoxious opinion. What a disgrace she is!

  26. Perfect Nine says

    The study is correct.

    It just takes one time – over night stay and they just start calling or showing up for more, in my opinion.

    Being a Perfect Nine – and also being 5’9″ means I have to disclose up front the Perfect Nine or they will ignore me for a taller guy with less perfections – because they cannot see, in my opinion.

    Let me look back. Well I have passed on older wealthy women that wanted to retire me since my 30s. What a Perfect Nine wants, in my opinion, is a Perfect babe that has unlimited org and after an hour or so has that walk away feeling where they still feel well done for days and keep getting the org and have that smile on their face.

    Not all women are the same, in my opinion; too bad none of the wealthy women are a good match – because I am talking big money.

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  28. HB Charles says

    So exactly how long is an attractive penis? More than 6″? Or is it 7 or 8? My wife seems to be happy with mine and it’s about 8″ fully erect. so I guess it is a relative thing. Longer is better and so is girth i suppose.

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