Size Matters. I told you!

Scientists have discovered that size really does matter to women when it comes to the length of a man’s penis.

Scientists have discovered that size really does matter to women when it comes to the length of a man’s manhood.

A taboo-breaking study into female sexual desire has revealed how much women secretly revere a man with a sizeable penis.

The researchers believe that the relatively long phallus of Homo sapiens, which is far larger than it needs to be to perform its essential biological role, is in fact the result of many generations of prehistoric women choosing well-endowed men.

Before clothing, the unaroused member would have been conspicuous to females in an upright-walking species and so could have evolved to become larger than was physically needed as a result of female choice, the scientists postulate.

This innate attractiveness toward well-endowed men is retained today, hidden deep within the female psyche, according to Brian Mautz, formerly of the Australian National University in Canberra and lead author of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“We found that male attractiveness is significantly influenced by penis size. More specifically, we found that large penises are rated as relatively more attractive than smaller ones,” Dr Mautz told The Independent.

“Our results show that present-day females rate larger penises as more attractive, but it is hard to infer anything much beyond that. Part of the reason is because of clothing – it does complicate the situation,” he said.
Unravelling the role played by the flaccid male member in making a man appear attractive to women was solved by using life-sized, three-dimensional images of naked male manikins projected on to a video screen.

Each of 49 different images was rotated slightly to show off the anatomically correct details of the male genitalia, while about 100 Australian women were asked to rate each life-size image according to its sexual allure, based on a score of one to seven.

In addition to varying the penis length, the scientists played around with the stature of the models, making the men appear taller or shorter, and with wider shoulders or hips, which were already known to influence male sexual attractiveness.

“The effect of penis size on attractiveness is not independent of the other two traits of height and shoulder-to-hip ratio. For example, penis size has a much larger effect on attractiveness for taller men, than it does for shorter men,” Dr Mautz said.

“It certainly does show that size matters, at least on some level, and that how much it matters is relative to other traits.”

As a woman, I can tell you, large penises are very attractive. If a woman is not shy, and you can earn her trust, she will tell you the truth. She will tell you that she just loves large penises. I talked with many women, they said ‘masturbation is better than having sex with a small-penis-man’. Some women say ‘size does not matter’ to make small-penis-men happy. Women have been indoctrinated by small-penis-men to say it and believe it. Thanks our ancient ancestor women for choosing larger penises. But we are very unfortunate generation. We can’t select our partners after seeing the size of their penises. We have to fall in love or marry before seeing the thing covered by clothes. Many women end up in a awkward situation when a lover’s or hubby’s tiny penises are discovered.

Prehistoric women chose far larger penises than it needed to be to perform its essential biological role. Doesn’t pleasure have any role to play? If women get good orgasm, they desire to have more sex and more sex means more offspring. Species survive. Large penises can give better orgasm than small penises. I believe so.