It is a true story.

A New York City police officer and a butcher in India chatted online about the officer’s plans to torture and cook his soon-to-be wife and a former college roommate, an FBI agent testified on Wednesday.

“I have longed to butcher and cook female meat,” officer Gilberto Valle, 28, told the man identified as Aly Khan early last year, according to the testimony of FBI agent Corey Walsh. Khan offered to provide a place in Pakistan to kill the woman once she was brought to India, Walsh said.

The exchange was among numerous internet chats offered by prosecutors to support charges that Valle conspired with others on the internet to kidnap, rape, kill and eat women that he knew. Also charged with illegally accessing a government database to research potential victims, Valle could face life in prison if convicted.

No women were injured, and defense lawyers have argued he was merely fantasizing on the internet with no intent to harm.

For two days, Walsh has testified about chats Valle participated in last year with a New Jersey co-defendant and two co-conspirators: a man in Great Britain and Khan, both of whom posed on the internet as veterans of cannibalism who could teach Valle the skills he would need.

In several emails read by Walsh, Valle seemed eager to make the woman he would marry a few months later an offering of sorts to Khan, though he added: “She is a sweet girl. I like her a lot. But I will move on.”

Valle wrote that he could talk her into going on a trip to India before they took her to Pakistan, where they could gag her and take her to a basement, where they could hang her from her feet and take turns sexually assaulting her before slitting her throat and cooking her.


“I just love the thought of stringing her upside down,” Valle wrote in an email displayed to the jury. He also said he would like “to see her suffer” and “slowly roast her until she dies.”

In a later email, Khan taunted Valle for failing to deliver a woman.

“Are you really into it?” he asked.

“Yes,” Valle answered.

“Are you sure?” Khan asked.

“Definitely,” Valle said.

Khan, apparently pleased with the response, said: “Get your mind ready. I will guide the rest.”

As the instant messages progressed over a series of weeks, Valle began discussing plans to attack a 27-year-old Ohio woman he knew in college.

“I want her to experience being cooked alive,” he said in one exchange. “She’ll be trussed up like a turkey. … She’ll be terrified, screaming and crying.”

He wrote that her death would “definitely make the news” and there will be “plenty of suspects” because she is a prosecutor.

The woman, Andria Noble, testified on Monday that she never knew Valle to be violent when they were at the University of Maryland together.

Under cross examination, defense attorney Robert Baum attacked the FBI agent’s statement that 40 of the thousands of internet communications of Valle that he reviewed contained “elements of real crimes.”

Baum aimed to show little or no distinction existed between chats or emails the FBI deemed real evidence of a crime and those dismissed as fantasy.

The agent conceded both had similar elements: Valle discussing how to cook women, how much it would cost to abduct them and which women would make good targets.

Walsh, the agent, conceded that some chats or emails considered fantasies contained photographs and names of real women and dates and references to past crimes, the kind of factual information that prosecutors have insisted proves Valle meant to carry out gruesome crimes including kidnapping, rape, torture, murder and cannibalism.

The agent also conceded that no women were kidnapped or harmed and that Valle never had contact with his supposed co-conspirators outside the Internet.

In addition, the agent said, no evidence of a crime was found in Valle’s apartment besides a computer. There was no rope, pulleys or chemicals to render someone unconscious despite Valle’s Internet boasts that he wanted to assemble a torture chamber or that he had an upstate property where he could cook women, Walsh said.

If jurors are offended or horrified by the gruesome testimony, they haven’t shown it. Three of them even yawned during the reading of the internet exchanges.

The six men and six women sitting on the jury mostly sat stone-faced and silent on Tuesday and Wednesday as they listened to the agent’s monotone recitation of seemingly grimace-worthy evidence _ remarks by Valle like, “I’m dying to taste some girl meat” and discussions about using one potential victim’s severed head as a centerpiece for a feast of body parts.

Valle’s 27-year-old wife, Kathleen Mangan-Valle, has testified that she fled their New York City home in September with their infant daughter after discovering that Valle spent hours at night on extreme sexually violent websites, including one that catered to those interested in cannibalism and asphyxiation. In Nevada, she turned over a computer to the FBI that contained hundreds of Valle’s emails and instant messages with what the government has described as co-conspirators

I do not know what to say. Do you know?


  1. Rutwik says

    This is sheer stupidity. How can one plan to cook his wife/ girlfriend. Human Civilization is just receding and has stooped to this level. Morals are debased this much. This is lack of “SANSKAR”. I think Food we eat and over all intake of human beings has some role in how we think. The problem should be addressed at that level.

  2. Yajna says

    This is not stupidity. This is a thought that has been cultivated in that person since long. Somehow he became a psycho. It feels like I am watching an american psychic thriller. SAW I-III. shittiest thing on earth.

  3. roger ivanhart says

    So many questions.
    Is this more evidence, if more was needed, that civilisation is an exceedingly thin veneer?
    Is it significant that the subjects of the fantasies were women? Would it be any the less disturbing if they were men, or animals? Are women more likely to be the subjects of fantasies because they are easier to subdue physically? Or is it easier to subdue women because the emotional commitment they put into relationships makes them more trusting? Are men more likely turn fantasy into reality than women or do statistics suggest that in fact women are more likely than men to become divorced from reality? Or are those honours equally split?
    When exactly does fantasy turn the corner into reality? Is it possible to foresee beforehand how far ahead that corner lies? Is it possible to be predictive without resorting to freedom-stifling technology?
    What separates the film-maker or film-viewer from the psychopathic killer? What separates Quentin Tarantino from Jeffrey Dahmer? Would banning violent films or computer games make a difference to the frequency of fantasies or does the making of them normally encourage online discussion that allows the release of abnormal fantasies? Do violent and abusive films and computer games mean fantasies are less likely to become reality?
    We may each like to think our own point of view is obvious but we are all too often proved wrong. It is so important to investigate violence and abuse and report the results accurately and honestly; our own sanity may one day depend on it.

  4. Agni_B says

    Our everyday conversation I we use common phrases ’worse than animal’. This is a gross injustice to the innocent animal being and only lay bare our ignorance.

    Anyone who is sane and has misgivings about capital punishment- should weigh up their option. Even capital punishment is too lenient for them; they should be used as animal feed for the zoo.

    So pleased that they did not get the opportunity to commit this heinous crime and victim is safe. Sincerely hope they don’t escape the Legal system

    As for Indian Khan- how come he has the capacity and connection in Pak to arrange this Gruesome act? Indian intelligent must investigate him for other activities. Has he already done similar?

    To keep those cannibals alive is waste of earth resources.
    We should re-examine our (cannibalistic) meat eating habit no religious ritual should be considered as sacrosanct

    Animal should have their own rights sanctioned by UN, like our ‘human rights’ act-.
    Reminds me of the bible/Quran story – Abraham was ready to butcher his son to please God!!!

    • Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

      Even capital punishment is too lenient for them; they should be used as animal feed for the zoo.

      It seems you bear some resemblance to Valle, in terms of violent fantasies. Certainly, Valle’s fantasies are vile, but as far as we know, he has not actually put them into action. If there is evidence he intended to do so, then certainly a long prison sentence is appropriate; if not, he would have been guilty of no crime, so it is difficult to see what could be done, beyond the publicity the trial itself provides.

      • Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

        Correction to my comment: Valle is also charged with misusing police databases to gain information about potential victims. If this is true, then even if he did not intend to carry out his revolting fantasies, he should be given a substantial prison term if the law allows.

      • Agni_B says

        He did not get a chance to commit his planned or any similar crime (we hope), but mere details of his planning makes me throw up.

        You can dish out any niceties you like, but my concern is for the victim and not the villain

        It is my prescribed reward for cannibalism which you disagree but the victim may agree wholeheartedly (if still alive) Punishment must fit the crime.

        Police still investigating his past- he has been caught in right time.
        His wife left him with his kid because of his cannibalistic tendency (newspaper)

  5. Leiningen's Ants says

    No words. Jaw wide open.

    Conveniently, I think I need to stick my finger down my throat.

    If your next post isn’t about the aftermath of a nuclear strike upon someone’s holy land, I’ll renounce my Prophethood. If it is, I wasn’t involved.

  6. Reena Lahiri says

    He has/had psyco problem! His parents/
    surrounding is responsible Nation as a
    whole has given birth 2this!

  7. says

    I believe most serial killers start out fantasizing for quite some time before they kill their first victim. I’m no expert, but it seems very likely to me that sooner or later he would have tortured a woman to death.

  8. peterfran says

    On the surface this is about cannibalism. But in reality it’s about torturing women and their families. As she is most likely a daughter, sister and/or mother, to find pleasure in the desecration of her corpse, whether real or imaginary, directly demonstrates a total disregard for her family to properly morn and put her to rest: indicating a complete resentment of the family structure and humankind as a whole. This piece of human waste should never be allowed to work in the public arena, let alone employed by any public agency.
    A rough profile of male domestic homicidal rapists reveals that they’ve all been psychologically castrated. And the main causes for this are:
    1) As Dr. Freud summated; brought on by childhood sexual trauma.
    2) The transfer of impendent subordination inflicted by a dominant power (paternal institutions, environmental scarcity, imposed social status, etc).
    3) A resentment of gender inequality; i.e. women rule the world.
    4) The traditional lack of punishment by courts and many religions for the rape and abuse of wives.

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