Kamasutra vs patriarchy.


Finally some women open their mouth against Kamasutra,
an ancient Indian text on human sexual behavior.

“Vatsyayana failed to examine female desire and since then, women have been silent about it.”

“Kamasutra is silent on how a woman should pursue Kama or enjoy sensual pleasure”.

“Kamasutra teaches that a man can forcefully have sex with a woman and then marry her. This is against the concept of women’s security. The text has been practised for thousands of years and passed down generation… such ideas encourage treatment of woman as an object.”

“This accumulated knowledge has led to patriarchal attitudes becoming deeply embedded in the men. This encourages violence against women and we need to recognise that.”

“Even today, the so-called empowered women are not ready to face their own sexuality.”

“Women need to become equal to men. We have to work for that because men are not going to make us their equal. We must stop sacrificing our jobs for family or kids or housekeeping,”

I personally do not like some parts of Kamasutra. For example, the fourth book. It explains the role of the wife.

A wife’s main role is to keep the house functional – clean, with food on the table, well-maintained, and self-sufficient. Meals are a crucial part of a woman’s duties and she should make sure to consider what her husband likes and dislikes and what things are good for him. If a wife shows folly or ill-temper, is disliked by her husband, cannot bear children, or continually births girls, the man is free to take a second wife, whom the first wife must care for like a daughter.

Sex is a male thing, women should remain silent about their desires, men should assert their sexual dominance over women, women’s duty is to please their husbands – these concepts are not 2000 years old. Vatsyayana did not invent these concepts. 6000 year old patriarchy did.

Patriarchy does not care about women’s desire or pleasure. At least Kamasutra did. Vatsyayana was probably the first person in the patriarchal world who expressed the ideas about building women’s confidence until she was fully receptive and unafraid of having sex. According to Vatsyayana, the building of confidence is crucial, a man must recognize the signs that indicate that a girl is not only ready for sex, but that her affection has reached a sufficient point to allow him to have sex with her. Here Kamasutra is more female friendly than patriarchy.


  1. bonnogolap@yahoo.com says

    আমাদের দেশে বেশিরভাগ বিবাহিত পুরুষেরা সেক্স করার সময় সহধর্মিণীর ইচ্ছা অনিচ্ছার মূল্য দেন না খুব বেশী বা নিজের কামপ্রবৃত্তি জাগ্রত হলেই চড়াও হন সহধর্মিণীর উপর এই ক্ষেত্রে নারীর ইচ্ছা অনিচ্ছা , ভাল লাগা বা মানসিকতার একটা ব্যাপার আছে বুঝতে ও চান না তাঁরা । বা সহধর্মিণী চুড়ান্ত আনন্দ পেল কিনা কতটুকু ভাবেন তাঁরা বা কটতূকূ গুরুত্ব দেন সেই বাপারটা ভেবে দেখার অবকাশ আছে তাছাড়া যথেষ্ট জ্ঞানের ও অভাব রয়েছে অনেকের এই বিষয়ে , ফলশ্রুতিতে সেই সেক্স হয় তা হয় অনেকটাই নিরানন্দ ।

    • Agni_B says

      Married sex always boring , suspense and adventure gone
      Try side dish ( অবৈধ ভালভাসা ) to compensate

      -‘’ stolen kiss always sweeter than just a kiss”

    • Robiul says

      If have Islamic knowledge then they (Husband and Wife) respect each other.So husband and wife need more Islamic knowledge before married.for new generation If we Muslim then we must need teach our children to Islamic knowledge future good husband and wife.

      • tanvirzahir says

        There is no such thing as Islamic knowledge. There is only Islamic ignorance. Muhammad himself was illiterate and fought against knowledge through his life.

  2. says

    i hv personal dislike for this text, because it blatantly promotes prostitution. It even says that men in official posts should force labor-class women to have sex, by threatening to fire her from job, or withhold her payment.

    • Agni_B says

      Book you have read –not written by ’Vatsyayana’- get your money back and buy the real copy
      and spice up your sex life

    • says

      I agree that prostitution is wrong if coerced, but if done with conscent then just like the gov. is doing with gay marriage, then leae it to consenting adults.

        • says

          I confess, no conversation is possible. I believe in the right of a person to his or own body, including wrecking it if they wish. Prostitution, drug use or suicide are choices with greatest relevance to self and thus they should be left to the individual. Though support may be provided for making better choices, they cannot be forced. Is my view.

          That said, I do think drugs and alcohol (not on your list) have the risk of grave harm to others, and to that extent, they must be legislated. (Think driving, domestic violence, public nuisance, crimes, theft to support habit, etc)

    • says

      This is a reply to above article” the feminist movement is just evry western religion or ideology, it is fanaticle and, sees everything from its particular warped, staunch un bending point ot view, and the result if ang=d when feminist come to power is a progrom agaist men, that is gonna start a revolution.

      I have carried out sex apanas from the kamasutra on two of my women in the past, when I was a youth of 10 20 and they both were thirty year old ladys and it drove them crazy.
      I couldn’t even get out the door from one as she tried to talk me into living with her, I don’t know what this lady is talking about.
      with some radical fems, no matter how much you want to love a woman its just not good enough, nothinh one does is good enough.

      This is because many secretly want to be men in my gueestimation.
      They hate having to be the one that bears children so they take birth control.

      They have too stop the natural breast feeding cycle just so they can go to work for someone that does not give a damn about her or her children in making them bundles, while they the worker, get little, unless a executive, ad then they get money by not giving a damn about anyone else.

      If one is alive and finds themselves in a womans body then they have only seen life as a women and that’s the vessel that nature has chosen for them.

      I know someone will call me a chauvinist pig, but the main reason humans are hee is to do the job required of them by their condition in nature, and that is only reason we originally have life, any other thing is accidental, many of the original feminist were either gay or the type of women who had to get work ecause they were not attractive enough to draw flies, and many still today, don’t have the feminine magnetism to draw a second glance. They need to reassess why they are inteferring in average peoples lives and just stop!!!

    • says

      Mam i am fully supporting your views that all you have pointed are absolutely modern concepts but our orthodoxians will never accept it they have to go out of society

    • says

      Thereis need tat women should specify that kamasytra be rewritten about womens dominance role because without women sex cant be completed women is the centre point of sex hence women should write the previews on kamasutras

  3. Dr. Didar says

    Sex is enjoyable when both partners desire to do the act. If the female partner is not willing to do sex and male partner’s desire is to do sex then It is the technique of kamasutra the male partner can apply to make her desire to do so. Women enjoy sex more than men do if she can be satisfied with proper sexual act. Any forceful sexual act even with legal partner does simulate rape and that male partner is never ever liked by the female partner.
    I think the days of patriarchy are changing with proper sex education and demand of establishing women rights. In our societies some husbands are equally taking responsibilities of household works (cooking, serving food, taking care of babies) along with the working wives. But these instances are not much but still changes are coming. It is a question of mutual understanding. Exceptions are there eg. some women are more aggressive than their male partners for sex! Some husbands are better housekeeper than their wives.
    The most important thing is sincerity, sharing responsibilities equally and finally the mutual understanding for peace. People lack very much in interpersonal communication and as a result we find separation and dissatisfaction despite the pleasant conjugal life or sexual life whatsoever.
    Nice to gather your views and it is always good to have a positive attitude toward facts of life.

  4. Agni_B says

    More garbage from self appointed ayatollah of feminism- link Kama sutra with Indian rape problem. Feminist movement are now simply irrelevant to most women’s lives. They wrap themselves in the mantle of victim & continue to cast women as powerless victims to promote their self interest

    Most of the Rapists don’t read Kamasutra -they can’t read and write. They watch porn.
    Kama sutra doesn’t sanction rape (as we know now)- it deals with sexual desire, analyze ‘playing hard to get’ game -attempting to decode the mystery of femininity, channelizing man’s animal instincts into a disciplined practice of pleasure.
    In the Hindu world the pursuit of sexual pleasure was revered as a sort of religious quest.Humans are driven to seek out food and sex, implies the author – so why should we judge this desire? It is our duty, our nature, to learn to enjoy it as best we can. Kama Sutra is singular in its “unabashed directness of the confrontation of
    sexual relations, freed from all fears, inhibitions,

    Sex manual, recognizes women as full, lusty participants in sex, and exhorts men to learn ejaculatory control to last long enough to bring them to orgasm: “Women love the man whose sexual energy lasts a long time, but they resent a man whose energy ends quickly because he stops before they reach a climax.” also instructs men to treat women in such a way “that she achieves her sexual climax first

    “While approaching his bride, a man should not do anything forcibly. Women are like flowers, they are to be enticed tenderly. If treated vigorously, before their confidence is awakened with soft and steady measures, they may develop apathy towards coition. Hence, a man should behave with them only in a gentle, persuasive manner “

    A man, knowing the nuances of physical pleasure, should initiate proceedings only after ascertaining the delicacy, endurance and momentum of the woman’s desire, and also his own strength. With his organ established in her temple of cupid (madan-mandir), the man should direct his strokes in various directions, and wherever she rotates her eyeballs with pleasure, that is the aim that should be targeted. This indeed, is the deep secret of female life

    While approaching his bride, a man should not do anything forcibly. Women are like flowers, they are to be enticed tenderly. If treated vigorously, before their confidence is awakened with soft and steady measures, they may develop apathy towards coition. Hence, a man should behave with them only in a gentle, persuasive manner.

    Thus, Vatsyayana elevates lovemaking to the level of both an art and science. The best “treatise on sexual pleasure.” exists today

    If feminist interpret this as rape, they can avoid man and use DIY or whatever to get pleasure

    • says

      This is because the feminist movement originally was kinda a good thing, now it is in bed with the UN on population control through reproductive rights campaign..

      And when you lay down with the global eittish dogs you get up with fleas.

    • says

      Really i am fully supporting your all views i & my wife are fully supporting your views we will exchange views in between atleast fortnightly with regards to kamsutras

  5. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    Beta Fire God:

    “Self-appointed”, what a laugh. Try reading the original article.
    There, you have self-appointed Indian women speaking on what is troubling in the texts.

    Also, “rape” was not the focus, nor were habitual forcible rapists. The culture of considering women lesser to men is mentioned as being reinforced by some of the Kama Sutra. But also, it seems you have an excessively narrow definition of rape.

  6. S Mukh says

    The Kamasutra is quite a boring book, if you ask me. And I still remember, reading it in my teens, now I was negatively impressed by all the guidance for men telling them about the charms of women from different regions of the country. Where was the equivalent guidance for women, I wondered even at that age.

    Nice picture – I like how the naked man is still wearing his turban!

    • Agni_B says

      Depends what U really/really want-If kama sutra did not help – U can always try pornography

      “Different strokes for different folks”

    • says

      You have to take it in another way we should not accept any technology as itis we should make changes as per the requirements of new era but it has given both partners positions so there should not be negativity abt the book we should change our attitudes

    • says

      Women should take it in another way not only men want to penetrate but women are also good penetrator provided they should study kamasutra very detail & by practicing only you find new cadburries in it its really unending wealth in reality it is the fixed deposit that never ends you liv on interest through out life

  7. Robiul says

    Islam is the complete code of life. All over the world only Islamic religious teach more this subject.
    Why we gate joyful sex after married, It’s teach Only Islam. We need to more learn Islamic knowledge for peaceful family.Only Islam gives more freedom for woman. We need to read more The Holy Quran and Hadith.
    In Holy Quran have a sura for woman freedom.
    It’s sura Nisa or Female sura.This sura have more freedom sentence for female.
    First married then only husband and wife sex very good for our society. but before married sex is not good our society and next nation.So we need to more learn Islamic Law for freedom female and peaceful world.

  8. Agni_B says

    You are in wrong forum – should go to mosque and preach. How many sex position you have in ‘Quran’- or just a terror manual?

    Your prophets MO sex life more interesting than ‘kamasutra ‘

  9. caca says

    What the HELL?! This article is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like you feminazis aren’t even trying anymore.
    Everyone should read the kama sutra, or well localizations for more modern times anyways. Kama sutra tells men AND women how to give pleasure to each other. My goodness I can’t believe this. This doesn’t make any sense. The feminist wants womens pleasure yet she is dumping the KS, one of the guidelines of real passion, out of the water. Okay, what WILL make you feminazis happy then? Jesus…

  10. Sanya says

    Okay now I remember reading it online once to see what’s the fuss. Firstly it’s boring. Second it’s Bs. I remember reading about a group of men trying doing it with one female, there’s a chapter on other people’s wives & other crap. Some dumb shit on learning sex from other women including beggars?

    As much as I dislike feminist morons who get easily offended by anything, I just wondered why noone is speaking out about this gross book. Firstly, it was an online copy so please enlighten me if the original is anything like this

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