Fourth of July is Higgs Boson Day

When I went online to learn about Higgs Boson from CERN’s Live seminar today, I found it difficult to understand. I wanted to get a CERN version for children or a CERN version for dummies but I was unable. However, I got a fairly easy explanation . After an hour or two I got the easiest explanation of Higgs Boson one that a seven-year-old kid would understand. Some people asked me whether I was able to find a version that would explain Higgs Boson to a three-year-old, but wouldn’t that be dumbed down for the yet-to-be-born?

Although I still do not pretend to understand the language of particle physics, I see that the origin of the universe might be connected. After the Big Bang Theory made a historic leap forward with the discovery of a subatomic particle, the present search that has lasted almost 50 years is indicating that there was no god behind the universe’s creation.

Galileo killed god. Darwin also killed god. But ignorant people did not stop worshiping it. CERN physicists killed the dead god again today. Poor putrefied god! How many hundreds of times god needs to be killed before creationists admit that god is dead?

Richard Dawkins once said, ‘Darwinism kicked God out of biology but physics remained more uncertain’. But physics is not anymore uncertain.

Some media and men are dancing thinking that ‘god particle’ has something to do with god. This is so annoying. I request scientists not to use the word ‘god’ as a metaphor anymore. Creationists use this metaphor for their irrational ‘god exists’ propaganda.

It’s 4th of July. For the first time ever, I have not celebrated 4th of July as American Independence Day. I celebrated today as Higgs Boson Day. I will celebrate 4th of July every year as Higgs Boson Day.

Eve, Oh Eve

I wrote Happy Marriage and Eve,Oh Eve in the late 80’s, Noorjahan in the beginning of 90’s and You go girl in 2005. Original poems were written in Bengali. These are just poor translation.


My life,
like a sandbar, has been taken over by a monster of a man.
He wants my body under his control
so that if he wishes he can spit in my face,
slap me on the cheek
and pinch my rear.
So that if he wishes he can rob me of my clothes
and take the naked beauty in his grip.
So that if he wishes he can pull out my eyes,
so that if he wishes he can chain my feet,
if he wishes, he can, with no qualms whatsoever,
use a whip on me,
if he wishes he can chop of my hands, my fingers.
If he wishes he can sprinkle salt in the open wound,
he can throw ground-up black pepper in my eyes.
So that if he wishes he can slash my thigh with a dagger,
so that if he wishes he can string me up and hang me.

He wanted my heart under his control
so that I would love him:
in my lonely house at night,
sleepless, full of anxiety,
clutching at the window grille,
I would wait for him and sob,
My tears rolling down, I would bake homemade bread;
so that I would drink, as if they were ambrosia,
the filthy liquids of his polygynous body.
So that, loving him, I would melt like wax,
not turning my eyes toward any other man,
I would give proof of my chastity all my life.
So that, loving him
on some moonlit night I would commit suicide
in a fit of ecstasy



They have made Noorjahan stand in a hole in the courtyard,
there she stands, submerged to her waist with head hanging.
They’re throwing stones at Noorjahan,
those stones are striking my body.
Stones are striking my head, forehead, chest and back,
they’re throwing stones and laughing aloud, laughing and shouting abuse.
Noorjahan’s fractured forehead pours out blood, mine also.
Noorjahan’s eyes have burst, mine also.
Noorjahan’s nose has been smashed, mine also.
Through Noorjahan’s torn breast, her heart has been pierced, mine also.
Are these stones not striking you?

They’re laughing aloud, laughing and stroking their beards,
there are caps stuck to their heads, they too are shaking with laughter.
They’re laughing and swinging their walking-sticks;
from the quiver of their cruel eyes, arrows speed to pierce her body, my body also.
Are these arrows not piercing your body?



Why wouldn’t Eve have eaten of the fruit?
Didn’t she have a hand to reach out with,
Fingers with which to make a fist?
Didn’t Eve have a stomach for feeling hunger,
A tongue for feeling thirst,
A heart with which to love?

Well, then, why wouldn’t Eve have eaten of the fruit?
Why would she merely have suppressed her wishes,
Regulated her steps,
Subdued her thirst?
Why would she have been so compelled
To keep Adam moving around in the Garden of Eden all their lives?

Because Eve did eat of the fruit,
There is sky and earth.
Because she has eaten,

There are moon, sun, rivers, seas,

Because she has eaten, trees, plants and vines.

because Eve has eaten of the fruit

there is joy, because she has eaten there is joy.

Eating of the fruit, Eve made a heaven of the earth.

Eve, if you get hold of the fruit

don’t ever refrain from eating.



They said—take it easy…
Said—calm down…
Said—stop talkin’…
Said—shut up….
They said—sit down….
Said—bow your head…
Said—keep on cryin’, let the tears roll…

What should you do in response?

You should stand up now
Should stand right up
Hold your back straight
Hold your head high…
You should speak
Speak your mind
Speak it loudly

You should scream so loud that they must run for cover.
They will say—’You are shameless!’
When you hear that, just laugh…

They will say— ‘You have a loose character!’
When you hear that, just laugh louder…

They will say—’You are rotten!’
So just laugh, laugh even louder…

Hearing you laugh, they will shout,
‘You are a whore!’

When they say that,
just put your hands on your hips,
stand firm and say,
“Yes, yes, I am a whore!”

They will be shocked.
They will stare in disbelief.
They will wait for you to say more, much more…

The men amongst them will turn red and sweat.
The women amongst them will dream to be a whore like you.

Extraordinary talks from extraordinary women

Robin Morgan

‘..all over America we watched Miss America pageant. That’s the model that’s what I gotta be like. They were supposed to feel comfortable in high heels and bathing suits parading around while men whistled, if not they must be crazy, they must be frigid or um they must be ssssshh hu ha lesbians.’

Katie Couric

‘Women are walking a very difficult tightrope and trying to manage a very difficult balance..’

Ellen DeGeneres

‘..It was a odd thing for a woman to be a comedian..’

Eve Ensler

”I think if you tell the story of your vagina, you tell the story of your life in some fundamental way..”

Martha Stewart

‘I think feminism or the feminist movement has been absolutely important to the promotion of women as equal in the society..’

Alice Walker

‘Misogyny is everywhere..’

Hillary Rodham Clinton

‘..21st century is about ending the pervasive discrimination and degradation of women and fulfilling their full rights..’