Vagina should smell like Vagina, not like Jasmine or Jackfruit

The world is getting more and more synthetic.
People are becoming more and more artificial. They smile at others but they do not really smile. They ask acquaintances how they are doing, whether everything is fine, but they would not mind if those acquaintances were not doing well. More and more, words are becoming artificial, coming more from lips, less and less from hearts. The case can be made that the desire for artificial flavor is growing all over the world. We are encouraged not to like the flavor of tea anymore. Advertisements publicize the flavor of chrysanthemum, pineapple, orange, cherry, and similar tastes. All kinds of artificial fruit flavors get mixed with water, which is now called tea. Some say they love fish, but they can’t tolerate the smell of fish, so they add lots of smelly things to destroy the original smell of fish before eating any.The other day I met a man who smelled like mango. Why did he smell like mango, I asked? He smiled and said it was his deodorant. My reaction was that I preferred his own body odor. Men like to have sex with women, but there are many men who do not like the smell of healthy vaginas. What do they want? Well, they want vaginas that smell like jasmine or jackfruit. They want their favorite fruits and flowers inside vagina, and they want vaginal fluid that seemingly turns into some kind of fruit juice! But should women feel embarrassed when their male partners complain about vaginal odor? Women should know that if a strange smell comes from the vagina, it is mostly because of semen or condoms. Both old semen and spermicide have offensive odors. So do bacterial vaginosis, candida vulvovaginitis, trichomoniasis, all not as strange as they sound.

Vaginal fluid is made up of normal vaginal secretions, sloughed off cells from the vaginal wall, and cervical mucous. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Like the mouth, the vagina is full of bacteria. It is necessary for a vagina to have a balance of different species of bacteria. Women should avoid disrupting the delicate vaginal balance. Why should women perform vaginal douching in order to make ignorant men happy! Vaginal douching is nothing but applying some annoying, irritating chemicals to destroy vaginal pH and its originality. Douching can push the bacteria from the vagina into the uterus and develop an uterine infection.

Meanwhile, the penis smells fishy, does it not? Sometimes it smells like dead rats. It is because of poor hygiene. Men do not always wash their penis. I haven’t heard many women complain about foul-smelling penises. I have heard none who believe that the penis should smell like rose or papaya. Smart women advise men to wash their penises. Smart women do not worry if their vaginas smell like vaginas.

People should try to be real and original. But many people are becoming more and more fake, artificial and robot-like. The smell of robots is everywhere. Why encourage a more synthetic human condition!


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Not only is it insulting that there is an entire industry built on promoting bodily insecurity in the name of profit, but to add injury to insult, the “remedy” for the “problem” is hazardous.

    The blog post above, by the way, was awarded an Ignobel prize last year; the author’s speech was very nearly identical to your blog post title:

  2. Hunt says

    Wasn’t it Desmond Morris who postulated that the reason deodorants are required by modern people is because we’re so clad in restrictive clothing that it traps body moisture and turns the normal odor of bodies, which isn’t normally bad, unpleasant.

    Sometimes I think perfumes can be kind of a joke. For instance, when black people wear chocolate scents. I can’t help thinking that’s meant to be funny. Maybe the mango guy was up to something like that.

    • SiWryt says

      I think people make the mistake of believing what they smell is the “smell of vagina”, when it’s more often the smell of bacteria feeding on secretions from the apocrine sweat glands. While most of the human body consists of eccrine sweat glands, the areas where the limbs meet the torso (like the armpits) are apocrine sweat glands. The smell of apocrine sweat isn’t particularly noticeable, it’s when bacteria turn the surrounding area into a buffet that things get kind of smelly.

      A better option to covering up the smell is to keep the area between the torso and legs dry, as you would the area between the torso and arms, as well as keeping it clean and ventilated.

    • ik says

      These things are bad and unhealthy. Social pressure to use them is also bad. Note that men don’t usually do this; shaving the beard is pretty much then only laborious or costly thing that men do to their bodies to look good.

      But I actually like a more artificial humanity. We are the tool-using, tool-making animal, and artifice is our greatest art.

    • My Ass says

      Not to worry. It is obvious that this pro-feminist propaganda is cooked up by exacrly that. If the author of this article shaves her armpits or legs, I will be totally surprised.In our society it is expected to have a certain level of hygiene that she obviously feels to overwhelmed to meet, or just doesn’t respect herself enoufh to want that for herself. Furthermore, if you meet a man with a smelly penis, or know a woman complaining about a man with one, be assured that those people also have low standards for themselves. Penises should NEVER smell if taken care of.

      • Liz says

        I think the author’s point is less about being ok with poor hygiene and more about being ok with the way we smell when we are in fact caring for our hygiene.

        Since we’re talking about hygiene, I’d like to point out a few facts specific to us girlies that you may not be aware of. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’re a man, and so you’ve probably never had your gynecologist explain this stuff to you. All sorts of things can affect the smell of a woman’s vagina. Diet, additives in food, ph level, chemicals in pads or tampons, hormones, whether preggers or not, birth control, condoms/spermicides, and levels of good and bad flora, etc, all can cause the smell to change. Usually the types of bacteria present are the cause of whatever smell there is. I know “bacteria” is an icky word, but some types are necessary to prevent infection, and do make a slight smell. Yes, it will smell more or less depending on how recently you’ve had a shower. It’s an organ, after all. The same thing is true in your stomach (minus the shower part). It doesn’t mean it’s dirty or un-hygienic. When you take away the good bacteria, as douching does, you leave it vulnerable for bad bacteria to come in and take over, creating smelliness or even an infection. Douching, using perfumes down there, wearing scented tampons or pads, or washing the inside with soap that has a lot of harsh chemicals can also cause irritation, which is another factor that can contribute to infection. Competent doctors recommend against douching or using scented products for these very reasons. Unfortunately, the smelly vagina industry is largely unregulated, and the more chemicals you use, the more likely you are to stink down there. A good rinse and a little soap on the outer bits ought to be enough. A nose-wrinkling, my-eyes-are-melting, truly BAD smell, or excessive, gnarly discharge usually isn’t a sign of poor hygiene, but an infection, which can actually be CAUSED BY the chemicals used to cover up the smell… leading to an unfortunate cycle.

        One more thing–the author’s point about dick smells leads me to believe that she is probably not American, since circumcision is more common here. Uncircumcised penises most definitely have a bit of a smell, as is natural. But again, it shouldn’t be powerful enough to instantly gross you out unless there’s an infection. Anyplace on the body that is wet WILL get a smell, be it your armpits, mouth, stomach, under the foreskin, gym sock feet, etc. That’s why we invented showers.

        Also, don’t take this the wrong way, but please *look up* the definition of feminism. It’s not some extremist ideology as you seem to believe. It simply means being in favor of equal rights for women. We don’t have anything against men. Most men are great! Taken the actual definition of feminism into consideration, I would guess that you also are a feminist, whatever your opinions on smelly vaginas.

        So, to recap: vaginas are supposed to smell a little bit, but it shouldn’t be strong enough to instantly gross you out unless something is wrong. Showering regularly ought to be enough, without need for perfumes, scented panty liners, or Summer’s Eve. Oh, and feminism is normal, much like having a vagina is also normal.

  3. Hunt says

    I think the problem comes when people are convinced that natural=bad, which is the inverse of the naturalistic fallacy. There should be freedom of choice. The question is why do some people find nature a deficient default position?

  4. King David says

    seems like you are hell out of experienced about a diversified array of penises, how they smell, taste, looks etc. could you please tell me how many penises you have “tasted”? it’ll help me fantasizing while reading you next time.

  5. says

    Also, just so you know, it’s really un-feminist to tell women what we should and shouldn’t wear, use for cosmetics, etc. etc. You do know the urge to adorn oneself is fairly ancient and universal, right? I’d suggest working on the internalized misogyny that gives you more of a hatred for beauty products per se than for the patriarchal insistence that women use certain beauty products and to what degree.

    • Sercee says

      It’s fine to do things because you want to, it’s not fine to do it because you’ve been convinced you have to or it’s expected.

    • Hunt says

      I didn’t see any references to beauty products. I can sympathize with her dislike of deodorization as a means to cover uncleanliness, since it’s always grossed me out, but that’s neither here nor there. If people want to use deodorants to cover body odor, it’s up to them, and up to me not to want to be around them. I doubt this is a topic of earth shattering importance.

      • solomon says

        women are considered putting artificial over natural to me is artificially deforming and shattering

    • says

      Women get indoctrinated by patriarchal society since they were born, they have been told what they should do and what they should not. Feminists just try to encourage women to be more of themselves.
      I am not against brushing teeth, applying moisturizers when skin is dry, wearing deodorants or perfumes ( not mango flavor) when one feels like. But I do not believe in shaving eye brows, or legs, or vaginal douching with harmful chemicals just to make themselves more desirable believing they look better now and they smell better now.

      • Kilian Hekhuis says

        “But I do not believe in shaving eye brows, or legs” – This has come up a few more times in your writing. I was wondering, what is your opinion on men shaving their facial hair? I shave for several reasons, one of them being purely esthetical.

        • says

          You shave for aesthetic reasons. Many men keep a beard also for aesthetic reasons. No woman keeps her leg hair for aesthetic reasons. Because you guys say yuck to unshaved women-legs, but you do not say yuck to unshaved men-legs or you do not say yuck to a man with a beard.

          • says

            You might not say “yuck” to men with facial hair, but I’ve certainly been told “yuck” to mine, which used to be a neatly trimmed goatee. I liked my goatee, but several girls I’ve been with in the past hated it and wanted me to shave it. Eventually, I caved in. Of course, now I’m in the Army, where I have to stay clean shaven by regulation, and women don’t have to shave anything unless they happen to grow a lot of facial hair. Still, my current girlfriend does tend to complain if I don’t shave on my days off because my stubble feels gross. If she doesn’t shave her legs all winter I don’t complain or really notice (she gets mad at me when I don’t notice that she has shaved her legs after not doing so for awhile, actually). I can’t say all men are the same way, but it seems like a significant portion of us don’t give a damn what you do with your body hair. Even if it started with men at some point, which I really can’t confirm or deny, now it’s mostly some diffuse cultural thing that would probably persist even if we could magically erase all misogyny and sexism right now.

            It’s probably the same deal with scenting ourselves. Both men and women do this just ’cause we don’t like body odor over here (which comes mostly from the normalization of regular bathing, deodorants, and perfumes/colognes). Heck, I’m over in Afghanistan right now, and smelling the locals makes me gag. On the other hand, I know my smell makes these people gag as well. It reminds me of a short scifi story I read. I forget the name and author at the moment, but it was about a guy who traveled to Alpha Centauri at sublight speed in cryogenic freeze, and when he arrived he discovered that humanity had discovered faster-than-light travel and beat him there, and they had also taken our deodorant craze to… well… about the level it’s at now so they smelled so strongly of perfume he could hardly breathe. The Centaurans thought he stunk to high heaven, too, so they were happy to send him back in time to his own Earth and he was happy to go.

          • Kilian Hekhuis says

            Because you guys say yuck to unshaved women-legs, but you do not say yuck to unshaved men-legs or you do not say yuck to a man with a beard.

            I would prefer not to be generalized. Not every guy that doesn’t agrees with you on everything is part of “you guys”. If you want to convince “us guys”, you’d better not put words in our mouths (or at least not in mine).

          • eyex says

            I think you are wrong. Keeping a beard requires much shaving.
            For me its 3times a week with different shaving tools so I wont hurt my skin too much to look socially acceptable. If I wanted to have no beard I needed to shave every day.
            You compare that to not shaving at all.
            If I wouldnt shave my beard would start to look long and fuzzy in less than a few weeks.
            Most men who wouldnt shave their beards at all would be quickly ostracized from society in one way or another.
            There are very few examples of men who dont shave, because it could mean losing your job for many and because it impacts how people act towards you.
            So when you see a man a beard it doesnt mean that he doesnt shave, chances are that he invests a good amount of time in it to make it look like he doesnt shave.
            And big news: Women do indeed say “yuck” to men who do not shave the same way to the same extend.

          • ik says

            Agreeing with mike. Incidentally, I have heard it said by women that beard stubble is kind of gross, although beards and non-beards are fine.

            Obviously I don’t know what the pressure on women to shave limbs is. It probably varies; it would be more reasonable if it were some kind of thing that you did when you were getting all dressed up but not normally.

          • Karen says

            Yay Michaelbrew! I don’t shave my legs and have never been with a guy that cared unless it was stubbly, which doesn’t feel nice. I’ m sure plenty of guys care if they go out with gusseyed up girls, but I am plain and natural and so are my men. I fully agree women perpetuate uncomfortable and unnatural states upon themselves more than men thrust it upon them. If we could just agree to quit wearing makeup, high heels and uncomfortable clothing, what could guys really do? Refuse to screw us? Not likely? I would never ask a guy to shave, one, out of respect for his wishes, and two, due to the immense appreciation I have for this excellent pact I seemed to have had with all of them that we just don’t talk about it and do what we like.

  6. Shirley says

    That isn’t vagina they think they’re smelling!
    I like the entire point made but the title is incorrect, what men don’t like (what no one likes) is the way a man leaves a vagina smelling, without the use of a condom that is. I just have to stand up for the lovely vagina, she can’t defend herself you know.

  7. Vivek says

    I’m surprised that men want Vagina to smell like a fruit or a flower. And am equally surprised that there are products that make this possible.I just prefer original tea and original Vagina’s.

    • michael56 says

      can’t speak for all men. for myself, i love the smell of a woman’s vagina. no douche or deodorants, just her own “scent of a woman”

  8. Priscilla Parker says

    I’ve never smelled a vagina but I’m sure it doesn’t smell like flowers. I have smelled body odor because people were not wearing deodorant and it wasn’t something I appreciated. I think it’s a waste to spend money on feminine deodorant because all you need is soap and water and there is no smell, at least I’ve never noticed one. I would think putting on lotion or spray or douching would make it smell worse because it dries it out.

    On that note, aren’t women suppose to menstruate once a month to keep the coochie clean? It’s been working for me for 2 decades.

    • Kilian Hekhuis says

      “On that note, aren’t women suppose to menstruate once a month to keep the coochie clean?” – No, that’s a by-effect for protection against the parasite also know as fetus. See here.

      • Pollyanna Brown says

        To call a beautiful baby a “parasite” is the most utterly scummy statement I’ve ever heard come from a woman’s mouth. YES it’s a beautiful baby! The baby isn’t born as a rabbit, or a hippo, or a chicken, or God forbid, a parasite! He/She is born as a beautiful BABY!!! If your Mom thought you were a “parasite,” you would have never had a chance to experience anything but a horrendous tortured death without ever knowing love or knowing why you were tortured and slaughtered. All I can say is you really need to see a shrink about your psychopathy. You’ve got a a heart made of stone. Only psychopaths have no conscience. That’s a fact, and only a woman without a conscience could ever say something that cruel. Not even the lowest animal hates their new borns. They adore them. Animals put people like you to shame.

        • says

          Can I call an ugly baby a parasite, then? Seriously, though, it’s a mistake to conflate a baby with a fetus. A fetus is, in fact, a parasite regardless of whether you like it. Also, if you’re talking about abortion, calling it torture is a gross misstatement given that fetuses don’t process pain in any meaningful way.

          • JaneH says

            Who are you to say they don’t “process pain in a meaningful way”? Humans that have severe dementia, having no awareness of where they are, still experience pain. And if you’ve ever been in the room with one who is uncomfortable, the responses of your nervous system will indicate their discomfort is meaningful. You can’t be in the womb with the fetus, but for the majority of its development, it can experience pain.

          • JaneH says

            Also, name a “parasite” in nature that has a close genetic relationship with its host? To refer to a fetus as a parasite would be like referring to adult teeth in a growing childs mouth as parasites. That people should use the term to refer to a fetus is nothing more than a reflection of an ideology that justifies abortion, and absent an understanding of biology.

          • Khadijah says

            Don’t mind them. A fetus is indeed a foreign thing in a woman’s body. That is why the immunity of a pregnant woman is decreased in order to keep the fetus to grow into a human.

  9. lorn says

    Vagina should smell like fish. But fish don’t smell like most people think fish should if they are fresh. Fresh fish don’t smell much at all. Stick your nose right up to them and they smell a little like seawater. Even freshwater fish, when they are fresh, smell pretty much like like seawater. Fish only smell fishy when they have been dead too long and and stored improperly. A healthy vagina should faintly smell like fresh fish, like the ocean, more than anything else.

    If a woman has messed with her normal pH balance and/or flora her vagina can smell. Perfume doesn’t help.

    A gynecologist I was in college with claims he picked up a tip for handling bad smells from emergency response professionals; a smear of Vapo-Rub under the nose takes the edge off. It doesn’t correct the problem, and I certainly wouldn’t advise any woman to get Vapo-Rub anywhere near her vagina, on contact with a mucus membrane it produces a burning sensation, but it is a handy tip to keep in mind when you have to deal with strong smells.

    • NotSayingItThisTime says

      Um… Vaginal fluid smelling of fish? What? Mine is kind of lightly sweet-and-sour. (Obviously, I had to find out.)
      There was one time I had the fish smell. Felt funny, too, and it turned out to be Bacterial vaginosis.
      The gynecologist explained that she sees this kind of infection a lot, especially with women who have long periods, because blood’s neutral to slightly basic pH can in some cases change the usually acidic environment in the vagina, allowing the wrong bacteria to grow. (No, periods are not for cleansing the vagina. They are for getting rid of unused uterus lining.) Sticking a yoghurt-covered finger into one’s vagina after each period is supposed to prevent this problem, as this gets lactic acid bateria back in.

  10. Rick Craig says

    Yes, there’s nothing quite as stimulating (to me, anyway) as the scent of clean, horny vagina. But let’s be real, ladies” sometimes – *sometimes* – a vagina can smell like a 2-day old perch on a hot rock in July, or like gorgonzola cheese on steroids, and there’s nothing stimulating about that.

  11. NotSayingItThisTime says

    Penis smells fishy. Sometimes it smells like dead rats. It is because of poor hygiene. Men do not always wash it. I haven’t heard many women complain about foul-smelling penises.

    The women you speak with seem to have cleanly partners. I had to discuss this issue with a number of friends (including one boyfriend) — apparently, not all boys learn to wash under their foreskin.

    It just so happens that the smegma under there smells extremely similar to the white bits that collect between the outer and inner labia: Fishy in a not-fresh way, and, um, like live mouse. (I found it weird too, when my mum called the unwashed-vulva smell that way, but then I got gerbils as pets and smelled one up close. Turns out, gerbils even have a dedicated gland on their belly to produce that smell…)

  12. joe King says

    I am all in favour of a normal healthy turned on wet vagina smell which is actually a big turn on for me. The problem is the not normal smell!! The article states: “Vagina is a self cleaning organ. Like mouth, vagina is full of bacteria”. Yer right… That’s why I brush my teeth and wash my mouth before sleeping and after waking up. Women should also do some normal vaginal hygiene. The problem is that the urine smell lingers and adds to the odour that paper work does not remove but washing does!! A bad smelly vagina is a turn off. So wash up — clean up to let us get the normal healthy fresh smell. No to fruit salad pussy!!

  13. Gorbachev says

    I agree, using chemicals on the body is a bad idea. What surprises me is that Ms. Nasrin is against this only if it’s used to attract or please men.

    But I do not believe in shaving eye brows, or legs, or vaginal douching with harmful chemicals just to make themselves more desirable believing they look better now and they smell better now.

    So let me get this straight: Using nasty chemicals is okay if they’re used for hair, or for teeth, or for anything else, but not to make yourself more attractive for men? What about if a man uses such things to be more attractive for women? what if society almost obliges men to do this? Id that a sign of evil matriarchy?

    Once again, Ms. nasrin is looking at one angle of a generalized, both-sex behavior – equivalents can be found for men – in their attempts to become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. More specifically, to out-attract other competitors (sex is always, always a competition and is solidly rooted in competition, no matter how long you’ve been married).

    For the record: I’m against altering the smell of a nice, healthy vagina, as I like them as they are, and unless they’re particularly bad (as in, unwashed), genital areas can best be appreciated as they are. That said, there are times in life when a particular set of genitalia – male or female – smells pretty bad, as we are just animals, so perhaps some modification is in order. For men and women. Beyond just cleanliness. I vote, get used to it. Other men don’t.

    I’d also like to note that many women have terrible issues with their own genitalia. They’ll happily enjoy male genitals, but the very thought of a man seeing their genitals or giving them too much attention makes them self-conscious. They worry about the smell. They think they’re disgusting.

    Did society teach them this? I’ve actually “interviewed” a number of women I’ve bene with on this subject. In general, these women are insecure. To argue that their insecurity must only be the result of patriarchy is delusional. Just as many men are insecure, as well, about a great many things.

    I’m going to bet dollars to donuts that the bulk of the motivation to use thes eproducts comes wholly from women. Women do almost al lof the world’s personal product consumption, almost always with their men resisting this, not reinforcing it. it has everything to do with intra-female competition and what womwn do to make each other insecure.

    Almost all men don’t care enough about issues like these to even consider them. it’s like jewelry for vaginas: No man I have ever known has said that a jeweled vagina was hot. Most said:

    Hey, what you wan tto do is fine, but same thing, either way.

    Once again, I strongly suspect this is not the result of anything remotely patriarchal. It’s more patriarchy ghost hunts.

    Ms. Nasrin just seems to have an issue with the female side of the equation, and only as it relates to women “having” to please men. She never takes society to task for forcing men to please women. Certainly in the West, the social meme of men having to make women happy is overwhelming. If you can’t make your woman happy, there’s something wrong with you. Regardless of other factors. In almost all divorces, the first question on everyone’s lips is – what did the man do wrong? When the sex is bad, the first question is – Oh, the man is a bad lover. There’s never any question in public about a woman: She is the Ultimate Judge and Jury, the man must perform in all ways.

    If yo udoubt this social meme, I strongly suggest you turn on a television and watch the shows between the commercials.

    In my experience, and I have a considerable amount, most women who use these products
    — Are using them on their own initiative
    — Are using them for men who really couldn’t care less
    — Are buying these products because they’re led to by advertising that plays on their insecurities. This is just as true for men with many products.
    — Are more than happy to dismiss the opinions of their own men for the “truths” of the marketplace.

    If you argue that patriarchy makes women seek to be attractive to men, then let’s try this the other way around.

    I AM NOT ARGUING THESE POINTS. I am just playing devil’s advocate to make a bigger point.

    I’m just saying that, once again, Ms. Nasrin is unable to construct arguments or even comments which can withstand simple tests. They’re just opinions, and not well-informed ones at that.

    I personally happen to agree with her on this issue, but for different reasons, ones which are philosophically internally consistent.

    For the sake of argument, let’s flip this around.

    – Do men make money to attract women? Yes. This is obviously female oppression. Men should not be obligated to provide salary, gifts or money to women; women should be wholyl required to suppor themselves from their own labor, and the presumption that a man should ever do this is unacceptable and evidence for matriarchy. That this is a component of sexual attraction to males is evidence of the abuse of men, generally, by judgmental women bent on finagling resources for themselves without working for them. Evil matriarchy.

    – Do men need to be physically fit to attract women? Yes. This is obviously shallow vanity on the part of women. They should not be able to judge men and the symbols everywhere – attractive men in movies, underwear advertisements, etc. – are symbols of the objectification of men. Down with Sexism! Down with judgmental matriarchy!

    — Does education play a role in sexual attraction? Yes. This is rank classism and is obviously abuse of men by women who seek partners more educated than they are or who are attempting to cash in on male efforts. Down with Matriarchy!

    — Do women presume that men should make efforts to be polite, be well-dressed or perform other such actions in order to woo them, actions that women aren’t equally required to do? If yes, this is evidence of judgmentalness on the parts of women. Matriarchy, again!

    — Do women demand that men not smell or sweat, or do they complain when men weat or smell? If yes, then more evidence of matriarchal depravity, forcing men to use deodorant or to use chemicals.

    Virtually every issue can be flipped.

    If you’re looking for patriarchy in the cultural ghosts that flit about like whisps of air, the evidence you find for a patriarchal conspiracy will remain as ephemeral and inconsistent as dreams on a hot summer night.

    There’s no patriarchal conspiracy here. You’re on much better ground with rape culture: There you might have something. With vagina-improvement chemicals – no.

    • JaneH says

      Ahem. Touchy, much? Nothing you quoted from the author said anything about Patriarchy, or men for that matter. Her assertion did not blame men for the problem. She wasn’t ranting about how men are awful. She wasn’t even speaking to men. She was simply concerned with women feeling they needed to alter themselves, in so doing, possibly damaging their bodies, to please another (it is regardless what the other is- the concern is in the head of the individual). We react against concerns and assumptions all the time without knowing what another person is actually thinking.

      Incidentally, I disagree with you about sex and competition. You seem like a intelligent and sensitive man, so let’s just suggest you consider the hypersexualization of the media, or how camera angles and panning is different for men and women, or porn, and how it might affect the culture. Yes, there is competition for sex (by which I mean mating here) in the animal (for the sake of argument, I define this as non-human) world, however it typically is males competing for mating with a female. Additionally, within mated pairs of many bird species, they are monogamous. Don’t bother bringing up the few exceptions, I already know them.

  14. embertine says

    Are we confusing vulva and vagina again? Vulvas are not self-cleaning. Vaginas are.

    I don’t think Taslima is saying you shouldn’t wash between your legs, only that you shouldn’t insert damaging cleaning products into your birth canal.

    And I fully sign off on that.

    • Ysanne says

      Thanks embertine,
      that’s exactly what I just wanted to remark as well.

      Thanks for this quite post, Taslima, and might I suggest that in one of your next posts, you cover some of the finer points of female anatomy? It’s scary how many posters here confuse the vagina (=canal leading up to the womb) with the vulva (the outer bits and flaps and folds of skin).

  15. Brian says

    Is ‘doucheing’ (isn’t douche a shower en francais?) a north-American thing. In Oz, I’d never heard of it until I saw Cartman on South Park calling John Edwards a douche…

    • sumdum says

      Wikipedia says it’s primarily a US thing. And yes, douche means shower, in dutch we also use that word.

  16. =8)-DX says

    Um, yeah penises and vaginas both smell best when washed. After sex a repeat wash later is preferable. Ta-da!

    But what’s all the nonsense about People are becoming more and more artificial. and People should try to be real and original. Why? Shouldn’t people use deodorants, perfumes, explore interesting smells and tastes and fruits and spices, just as people today wash clothes, use soap, shower daily or use disinfectant to clean their homes?

    This majority of this post reads to me like a general anti-science, anti-technology, anti-modern rant which is not backed up by facts. Yes – you’re perfectly right on the vaginal smell issue, and all the stupid mysogyny surrounding these issues, but please don’t mix it up with absurd statements like the following:

    The smell of robots is everywhere.

    Are you sitting at the computer? Are you online? Well *that* is the smell of robots, and this *artificial* smell makes up for 95% of modern life so get used to it.

    • says

      You can use hundreds of perfumes everyday and still be original and real. But if you are told ‘hey woman, you smell, you should better not smell’, and then you get desperate to wear perfume and use perfumed chemicals in your vagina to clean it, you are not anymore original and real.

      Robots here are not machines. They are just humans without empathy and compassion.

      • sharkjack says

        With this additional clarification I see what you’re saying, but when you first use robot-like along with artificial as a description of what people are becoming like, you set the idea that robot means what it usually means(machines/technology). So then when you say the smell of robots is everywhere in the next sentence, it is easy to misunderstand that as ‘we surround ourself too much with technology’ which would fit the overal anti synthetic pro nature tone of this piece.

        I agree with the overall statement that no woman should feel pressured to hide the perfectly hygenic odor of their vagina.

        Your statement about words coming from the lip instead of the heart reminds me of something Matt Dillahunty said, (though it’s not as appropriate here as in it’s original context) “My heart pumps blood”. I don’t see people becoming more and more artificial, or lacking compassion more than in the past. Saying stuff you don’t really mean because it’s what you’re supposed to say also sounds far more like tradition/etiquette, in which case they’re not new at all.

        So yeah, I’m all for encouraging women that natural smells aren’t bad, and for keeping penises clean, but some of the other stuff just confuses me.

  17. michaelbrew says

    Ironically, some rather sexist individuals I know were having a conversation about this very thing and wholeheartedly agree with you. Of course, they just thought it made women seem “like whores.” *eyeroll*

  18. left0ver1under says

    Whatever happened to just being clean, via soap and water?

    If one washes, there usually aren’t odors unless there’s a chronic infection or something similar. And if people plan to get intimate, I doubt that separate five minute showers (or better yet, shower together) will kill the mood.

    And, of course, it reduces the chance of bacteria being shared, so it’s a win all round.

  19. TGAP Dad says

    I particularly dislike the onslaught of smells you get from seemingly every other person you encounter in the public square. To steal a phrase from a comedian I heard: there is no better smell than “clean.” Whatever it is: your body, your bathroom, your car or your intimate bits. Put away the Axe. Good hygiene is all you need.

  20. naturalia non turpia says

    I’ve just pictured myself giving oral sex to my wife and making faces as if I were licking a lemon :D.

    • david says

      You know what, I don’t agree with a lot of the things people are saying on this post. The only bit I do agree with is that nothing smells better than clean!!! After I shower I put on baby powder, lotion, and deoderant. After I brush my teeth or after I eat I chew gum. The fact that I do these things doesn’t mean I am un-cleanly. I do it because I think the fragrances those products have are pleasant, and I know that anyone sitting close will appreciate my effort.

      My penis is thoroughly washed and groomed before I whip it out, and I expect the same from a woman’s vagina. Most men would agree that the ‘natural scent’ of a woman’s vagina isn’t necessarily unpleasant, but I really don’t like that terminology. My penis doesn’t have a natural smell, and if it did I would say that it was the smell of chaffing, sweaty, and dank nether regions. Not a knock you out scent, but I wouldn’t want to put my head down there though. Get what I’m saying? That is why we shower with soap and water, if done properly there is no scent at all, aside from the brand of soap you use.

      I think this natural smell thing is an excuse for woman not to put in the effort to make sure they smell pleasantly enough, because it is much more difficult for them than it is for a man. Because the vagina is an internal organ, a woman’s life style and diet can affect the way she smells. Where as all I have to do is masturbate with soap and water, isn’t that great! not only am I clean and fresh, but I was rewarded for it! ha ha!

      I’ve been with women who had a really bad smell, that was some medical issue I think (My goodness!), women who have the alleged, ‘natural smell’, women who smell like peaches and strawberries, and finally my favorite smell of all time no smell at all!!!! How did she manage this wonderful state of being? She washed her coochie!!!!! She ate healthy, and last but not least, she exercised! Yes there will be days when you get caught in the passion of the moment, tear each others clothes off, and get at it. Hopefully people are mature enough to understand that air doesn’t circulate to well in jeans, and those times are just meant for the quickies. lol.

  21. Shimul Salahuddin says

    Vagina should smell like Vagina, not like Jasmine or Jackfruit. As a Man I want real natural women. I salute the writer for the article.

    • Blessed Human says

      Well said.

      Smell of healthy, natural, wet & leaky vagina is made for men and more powerful than any performance drug. Should not be contaminated with artificial perfumes & chemical douching, which may induce cervical cancer.

  22. Liker of Vaginas says

    Dont know how strange this is going to sound, but have had a few vaginas in my time, but you know what, the best scent beautiful and tasting Vagina comes from the one you truly, truly Love, because LOVE just erases all that we may think is bad odour, Love for another truly eradicates every so called bad odour that others may experience…
    Morale of this is, go and find someone with whom you will truly fall in LOVE with, the rest is you don’t really care how they smell, cause the heart within takes care of our own scents and makes but only everything serene , Peace and Love to all X

  23. monalisa says

    yes it’s true! i like it! same thing they talk about love and when they are love they don’t know how to love! it’s easy to say it but it’s hard to do it, that’s how it goes!

  24. Luis says

    i find amuse that the human facts re going off the board, the most reasson they gave us, is the change for future, the man (woman apply too, im using the word in general), become more and more lazy, the cars can park by themself, more people is pasive in order to be pacifist,the denfense skills re more a luxulary then an actual need, they re more building of comercial centers, shopping malls and anything structure buldings for bussines like movie theaters, traveller agencies and all such high ecomonic winning places,gps for navegation, portables tvs and even internet in cellphones, yes, we re being more like robots and less like humans, this days are more in getting good pay jobs for waiting in big purcharses, skills re no longer require except for money profit of course and guns can disable a good fencing fellow even a great martial artist, we shouldn’t complain cause we re, who we re, more and more we re separating from nature itself and rather helping it, we re fighting it in the name of progress, i bet our ancestors and heroes will di again from shame and disipointing, that there descendants didn’t apply and value there efffort, in the cause wich we ingnore and they defend with there own life, re we the super humans we used to be or we just conform with the shadows of those who were and live comfy in there, without any remorse or worries, just don’t complain when your life become as empty as is now,like Zaratrustra will said: What have you done to pass the human itself and Zefram Cochrane: ” Don’ try to be a great man, just be a man and let history do his own judgement”, don’t let this pretty thing of us call: soul,honor and conscience vanish from our hearts for: fame, fortune and power.
    Nature will always be part of us, so let the vagina smell like a vagina ( in a matter of healty and safety itself, let the vigina be what is supose to be, the bless of placer and reproduction and the most sacred symbol of fertility of our mother nature, wich give us born to all we know, think about it and let me know what you want, cause at the end is our choice wich will cause our saving or our perish.

  25. Festis BubbleTrousers says

    I absolutely love the smell of a natural smelling vagina!!! I love it all, even vaginas that smell fishy!!!And I love it when vaginal fluid squirts down my throat!!!

  26. rajmanohar says

    it is a very good article. I very much like this. I am a man who likes the original smells of woman’s body and vagina for sex and the artficial smells like deodants, body sprays are I don’t like.I always like the bad vaginal smell and ass hole smell for boostup my sex. Any woman or girl wishes to allow me to smell their bad vaginal smell,asshole smell, menstrual period smell please send an e mail to me. Because I am an extreme fan of bad smells of woman’s body.

  27. Kinzas says

    I do not really understand why it is a big deal for women to wash themselves properly. With a good hand shower directing the water to the right areas and a little soap it is so easy to become smell-free.

    It takes 2 minutes. I do it every time after going to the washroom even though I do not have a sexual partner. It is basic hygiene.

    In public washrooms I use baby wipes after cleaning myself with toilet paper.

    It was always a wonder to me how women in America can wash their private parts taking regular showers. The water just does not get directed to the body parts that need the water the most.

    Can someone explain to me how to clean private parts properly in regular showers with water reaching you from above?

    I always use hand showers.

  28. Josephicus says

    How about ALL PEOPLE simply practice good hygiene? I have a right to be offended by bad odors. It’s natural.

  29. philippeorlando says

    Of course science tells us that a vagina is actually very clean, unless the woman has some disease. From what I remember I think there are much less bacterial activity in a vagina than in a mouth! Maybe I’m among the lucky ones, but I don’t remember a vagina that smelled bad. I do remember many people with bad breath, though.

  30. Douche says

    If it tastes like chicken…keep lickin’
    If it tastes like trout… spit it out!

    Keep that in mind and you should always be eating good pussy.

  31. non white says

    As a non westerner I have noticed that western women have a very strong vagina smell. Asian women do not have this smell. I have only been with a few white girls, but it’s always the same that really overpowering smell that makes you want to throw up. Some of these women have been nice enough, but there is not much to do when they smell so bad. Why is it that the western man does not seem to have an issue with this? I can give oral sex to an Asian girl and not smell a thing, but a white girl smells so strongly. Non westerners have always joked about the smell of whites, but when western girls become aroused it is over powering to the non western man. I think that white women should relax because I think that western men must not have a sense of smell, they do not seem to be so repulsed by the odour.

    • Blessed Human says

      I never experienced western women. May be true as Asian has the habit of taking at least one time bath in the morning and in the evening due to hot climate; a water wash is must for ladies after every nature call.

  32. shahrukh khan says

    tasting a clean but slightly ocean-fish-smelling pussy is incredible. what man can resist that sexual smell and taste from a woman’s pussy? impossible! it drags us in and we lose all control.

  33. JACK WILLIAMS says

    Should never be fishy in any way. Fruity is fine. And there’s nothing wrong with deodorant for the record, either

  34. Blessed Human says

    Appreciate the author having lot guts to initiate a topic, which is essential to this society. Since, she is lady a genuine representation for women folks and as Dr, there is a science. I am from India where boys & girls are separated physically till their marriage and hence many are learning (not correctly!) the physiology of opposite sex only after the marriage. I believe, a normal body odour without any contamination by artificial perfume is essential for advancing an opposite sex. God is the best designer and scientist to keep the private parts clean through self saline water wash, 3-5 times a day! But he did not design the dress what we wear and the present lift-style. It is women’s grace to allow man to smell her arm pit/vagina and it is real manhood to prepare the partner and self for the real one. There is no smell in the vagina and hence no excitement soon after taking bath/wash. It needs some time to build up a gentle fishy odour from the vaginal fluid, which induces not only to smell and taste too. Pubic hairs of a women plays a major role in inducing a man, who get excitement by seeing the appearance. Hence, it may be trimmed and should not be clean shaven. I do not think the smell of penis is repelling; general hygiene procedure will keep clean. More importantly, as few of the guests suggested vagina is more hygienic than oral cavity and the real love will mask everything. Douching is news to me, women must avoid contaminating real odour and I afraid they will loose immunity due the chemicals and may increase the incidence of cervical cancer.

    Male circumcision is cruel, mutilating and the real sex is not experienced at all. Boys foreskin is similar to girls hymen, both should not be disturbed by artificial procedures.

  35. rodboy66 says

    Let me get this straight– a woman’s vagina should smell like a vagina, and cleaning it with a douche is bad. OK, I’ll buy your argument. BUT, men with smelly penises need to wash them to please women. You have just created another sexist argument, but in the opposite direction. Listen to yourself already.

  36. womananalloverguy_67 says

    To all women out there who have beautiful ‘SHAVED’ pussies and asses:

    “I will lick any gorgeous-clean woman’s cunt and ass!” Just email me of you
    happen to live nearby! (Unless your able to pay for my transpiration
    expensesand and lodging…I’ll be your dog slave for whatever amount of
    time you your hearts desire!” 😉 😉 😉

  37. aceeeeeeeoeoeoeoeo says

    Natural vagina has the pheromones which are supposed to turn on the other mate. That’s the whole reason. If a female is so concerned about her damn vagina and thinks people from a 20 mile radius will be able to smell it, sure she can unbalance it. Just let you know that it will “stink” up again in a couple of hours. women have always been lured into trivial things. You can’t do anything about it because most humans are fickle, gullible little creatures.

  38. Mary Ellen says

    Anyone ever heard of bidets? I grew up using one. Not in America of course. They leave women cleaner than nit using one and just getting by on toilette paper. Feels good too! LOL

  39. EDYRYN says

    I am a man and I agree vaginas should smell like vaginas. I like the smell of vaginas not fruit. I want to put my penis in a vagina that smells like vagina I don’t want to put it in a vagina smelling like fruit. It makes me feel like I’m having sex with a piece of fruit.

  40. surajjena says

    A best way to take return to stem cell part of epithelial tissues surgical methods. Or brush enzyme of vagina cleaning

  41. says

    Vaginas should smell like vaginas and that’s great but the problem is many (most) women (and of course men) have such poor diets, consisting of yeasty products like beer, wine and bread as well as diets high in dairy (which when pasteurized is hard for the human body to digest) as well as consuming far too many sugary products that bacteria and fungal overgrowth is pretty common. This obviously doesn’t help with smell of our vaginas. Clean diets consisting of fresh fruit and veg, nuts, seeds, legumes and animal proteins go a long way to naturally stopping any bad smells.

  42. jon9521 says

    Its true asian girls do not have the strong repulsive odour that western girls have. Its not that they wash more (all though that is likely) it is more to do with the diet. The asian girls diet is more healthy and vegetable based.

  43. Dan says

    This seems a little absurd to me. I like the taste of natural, healthy vagina as well as the next man. Hell, I even enjoy red wings every now and then, but if I repeatedly heard that women thought my natural, healthy dick tasted horrible, I would take measures to change that. Is it because I am being oppressed or self conscious? No way!

    In a loving relationship, it is more about being considerate, sharing control with your partner, and showing them that their desires matter just as much as yours. I want my lover to enjoy doing things that I enjoy as much as possible, and facilitating that is actually quite a pleasure! Even if it were to cause some relatively minor health problems, I would still do it on occasion just to show her that I am not only out for my own pleasure.

    In general dating, it is more about gaining an advantage, both by being more appealing and by ensuring my dates have the best time possible. I want everything about me to be as desirable as possible to the sort of woman I, myself, am hoping to find. If the majority of such women like cherry flavored penis, I am definitely going to flavor my penis before dates. Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with control, submission, or any other of that nonsense. It is about having the best chance of finding and keeping the best woman for me, which will hopefully facilitate a happy life full of mutual compromise, trust, and a healthy balance of power. Having a great time–and passing on my genetic material—are certainly nice bonuses!

    Do you really think it is so different for women? Not everyone is ruled by fear and desperation.

    • Dan says

      Ahhh this was about smell. Can you comment out the bit about red wings? The topic is not quite as sexual as I thought. My apologies!

  44. spiggles says

    My ex’s vag used to have a smell almost identical to that of my grandmothers sewing box. Not at all unpleasant. But how weird to make the correlation between the two. Havent smelled that sewing box in twenty years or so. Still smelt funky to a ten year old tho ha end of thought train.

  45. spiggles says

    Still awaiting modderation eh ? Bit of contention is there, people pusing their lips and smacking those teeth. A bit risqué was it sir, bending the rules, references to individuals and such. Well I shall say bullocks the the lot of you smelly crotched hippies.

  46. Prettynoose says

    Still after all this time we have to ponder the basics??? You can take a shower and was with bleach BUT your smell is still going to come back! If you Man or Women and have to have a right out of the shower clean or soap smelling genitals you may want to reconsider 1. who you are with and 2. if you are really of the sexual orientation you think you are …
    Thankfully there are men who know what a Women is suppose to smell like…

  47. says

    I am no longer certain the place you’re getting your information, but great topic.
    I needs to spend some time finding out more or working out more.
    Thank you for great information I used to be in search of this information for my mission.

  48. says

    From how she says it she is correct. Cant we all be natural coz those disputing are you trying to say those who lived in the jurassic days with no deoderants or perfumes stinked??? Vagina is one sensitive place and its due to this new concortions meant to make vagina smell “Sweet” that cervical cancer is on the increase. Yap 10$ cream for a $1000000 treatment. Not worth it. Proper hygiene does mean deoderants or perfume. Simple water does it. Be clean and nature does the rest..#myopinion

  49. Lovable thing says

    My wife’s vegina having very bad smell. This smell is not also like vagina smell. Can you suggest anything.

  50. Lovable thing says

    My vagina having also very bad smell not like a vagina. Can u tell me about any treatment or lotion or anything else.

  51. fuqu says

    Shit smells bad because it is bad for us (humans). The microbes that live in pubic hair smell bad to us. Vagina does not smell bad unless it is hairy (full of microbes) or full of dead flesh. If you’re talking about a hairy vagina sluffing off dead flesh then yeah, it smells bad. Clean that shit off….shave it and let’s dance.


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