What, me worry?

Correspondent Allana Harkin from the show Full Frontal tries to persuade the highly religious inhabitants of Tangier Island in Virginia that the slow disappearance of their island is due to rising sea levels caused by climate change and not erosion as they assert.

We cannot be selective about exposing abusers and holding them to account

I recently discussed this issue of sexual harassment and abuse with some female friends who were roughly of my age and they shared stories of utterly inappropriate behavior that they experienced at the hands of their male bosses decades earlier when they were younger. They had not reported it to the authorities for the usual reasons, many of which should by now be well known to everyone.
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New Moore accuser steps forward

As is often the case, it takes just one person to publicly come forward with their story about being abused by powerful people to open the floodgates because other people, realizing that they are not alone, feel emboldened to tell their own stories. It seems like a day doesn’t pass without someone new coming forward to say that former president George H. W. Bush is a disgusting lecher who groped her. And another woman Beverly Young Nelson has now come forward to accuse Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore of assaulting her, both sexually and otherwise, when she was just 16, after he had offered her a ride home from her job as a waitress.
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That was one hell of a week

There was so much, what with the Democratic party wins, the revelations about the attack on Rand Paul by his neighbor, the Roy Moore pedophile allegations, and one famous and powerful person after another accused of the most gross sexual aggressions towards young men and women, that even a horrendous tragedy like the mass murder in a Texas church on Monday quickly got pushed out of the headlines.
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