Jordan goes down for the third time

The House of Representatives convened this morning because Jim Jordan wanted yet another vote on him becoming speaker. The result was even worse, with 25 Republicans defecting, even more than the 22 on the second vote and 20 on the first. Jordan is clearly someone who cannot read the room and does not know how to count votes. It took Kevin McCarthy 15 votes to become speaker but at least his vote totals were inching up. This is a farce.

Yesterday, after the second defeat, Jordan announced that he was suspending his candidacy and supporting a move to give the interim speaker limited extra powers for about three months. So why did he suddenly decide to suspend his suspension and try for a third vote so soon?

Jordan’s strategy seemed to be that, if he cannot get the votes now, to prevent someone else from deciding to try their luck and maybe succeeding where he had failed. Hence the proposal for a limited extension. That way, he could freeze the field and give him a lot of time to wear down his opponents. Unfortunately for him, that proposal was was shot down almost immediately by his party. So he had no alternative but to try for another vote or have someone else take center stage.

The guy is flailing. If he had a shred of self-respect, he would realize that people just don’t like him. But like all MAGA cultists, they never give up trying to gain power by whatever means necessary.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    How long until Jordan invites his fan to a “will be wild!” rally at the Capitol?

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Umm, I intended that “fan” @ my # 1 to be plural, but it may be more accurate as is.

  3. lanir says

    My employer has a contract with the federal government and if the government is shut down, I will probably not continue to get a paycheck for very long. When describing recent events to my friends I’ve been using the analogy of a clown car. For a moment, when the temporary debt ceiling deal was made, the clown car stopped and all the clowns filed out with their serious game faces on. I’d like to think they’ll manage to do that again before the temporary funding deal runs out.

    The clown car isn’t even stopping for Jordan. They’re just honking and running him over.

  4. sonofrojblake says

    What is it with the name “Jordan”? Someone please name a non-dreadful Jordan… if you can (no googling)

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Maybe the Republucans should appoint a speaker the way the Athenians appointed councillors… by lot.

  6. birgerjohansson says

    @ 4
    The fictional president Lyman Jordan in a film from ca 1965.
    The character Jordan in the rather bland TV series Crossing Jordan.
    Yes, both are fictional.

  7. Robbo says

    Everyone knows that vote was rigged. Probably the corrupt voting machines and
    ANTIFA elements embedded in the House.

    Jordon should hold a peaceful demonstration then storm Congress while yelling “Stop the Steal” and start doing the Speaker job.

  8. Andrew Dalke says

    @ 4: I have a niece named Jordan.

    In math class we learned about Gauss-Jordan elimination. If Wilhelm Jordan were dreadful, it does not appear in his Wikipedia entry.

  9. JM says

    After the 3rd failure Jordan has been removed as the candidate for Speaker. Jordan said he withdrew willingly but the vote was secret so he could just be lying to save face. The Republicans are going to spend the weekend communicating and then hold a vote on a new nomination Monday and elect them Tuesday. At least that is the plan, I would be immensely surprised if it goes that neatly.
    McCarthy, Scalise and Jordan have all said they will not run again. Given the wide open field a bunch of people are taking a shot. I have no idea if any of them has real support but the situation is such that having no support but no enemies might be best for somebody running.

  10. Holms says

    #4 sonof
    Jordan Klepper seems to be pretty witty. Corridor Crew, a youtube channel about flim/digital special effects, has two Jordans and both seem decent.

    I know very little of it, but the nation of Jordan is probably decent. At least, it seems unfair to call an entire nation dreadful.

  11. jenorafeuer says

    As another blogger put it back when McCarthy was taken down, live-blogging the ‘horror show’: “The clowns are calling from inside the car!!!”

  12. Alan G. Humphrey says

    First one that came to mind was Jordan Peele, Oscar winning director, also an actor and comedian known for the Key and Peele show.

  13. Steve Morrison says

    Another 19th-century mathematician: Camille Jordan, as in “Jordan curve theorem.” I don’t know anything dreadful about him.

    There was also Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff, Hamilton Jordan.

  14. khms says

    I have a radical proposal.
    Every Republican Representative (is that a tongue twister?) makes a list of every one of them, ordered by preference Repeated elimination rounds by the one with the least votes, where the vote for the most-preferred ones on the lists that are still available are counted.
    If there is more than one candidate remaining, choose by lot.

    I know I know -- REPs don’t understand any system except FPTP.

  15. Deepak Shetty says

    But why ? I think we should follow Clarence Thomas’ advice and settle this as would have been settled in the 18th century. Gun duels between the various factions.

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