Second Walker accuser speaks on camera

The second woman who accused Georgia Republican senate candidate Herschel Walker of pressurizing her to get an abortion in 1993 when they were having along affair has revealed herself on camera, though she has kept her name secret and wants to be known as just Jane Doe. You can see the interview in the above link. It is an explosive interview full of details that substantiate her charges against Walker.

Responding to the ABC News interview, Walker issued a statement Tuesday saying, “This was a lie a week ago and it is a lie today. Seven days before an election, the Democrats trot out Gloria Allred and some woman I do not know. My opponents will do and say anything to win this election. The entire Democrat machine is coming after me and the people of Georgia. I am not intimidated. Once again, they messed with the wrong Georgian.”

But the woman has produced copious documentation including photographs of them together as recently as in 2019 that clearly show that he is lying about not knowing her at all.

According to Jane Doe, she maintained a friendly relationship with Walker for decades and last spoke with him by phone in March 2020.

Two women identified to ABC News as friends of Jane Doe by her lawyer Gloria Allred said that Jane Doe confided to them in the 1990s that she had a yearslong affair with Walker and that she became pregnant during that relationship.

Jane Doe said she last saw Walker at a mental health event in 2019.

“He gave — he hugged me, and was very happy to see me … He was very nice and cordial,” she said of their meeting in 2019.

One of the woman identified as a friend of Jane Doe’s said she was with her at the event and took a picture of her and Walker together, telling ABC News, “They embraced for a long time … they had clearly known each other for years and years.”

Jane Doe says that felt that she had to speak out after Walker accused her and the other woman of lying.

I am worried about the safety of Doe. Republicans are now the party of Trump MAGA nuts many of whom seem to be perfectly willing to abandon reality if it contradicts their paranoid beliefs. They will not care that she says that she voted twice for Donald Trump and will accuse her of lying and say that she is really a Democrat. I am sure that already these crazies have doxxed her and revealed her name, address, phone number, where she works, and her family members and friends and that they will start hounding and threatening her and the people she knows.

The man who broke into speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house because he wanted to kidnap her and break her kneecaps and ended up hitting her 82-year old husband in the head with a hammer is just one example of the dangerous mindset that has been cultivated in this country. The man clearly is delusional. Such people have always been around but formerly they would have been considered to be aberrations and felt alone. The difference now is that they feel that the party establishment agrees with them and that they have the backing of Fox News and other rightwing outlets because they echo their views. Already, they (and this includes Donald Trump, his idiot son Don Jr., Elon Musk, and Fox News) have been floating unsubstantiated stories meant to discredit the idea that the assailant is one of them, and even joking about and mocking the attack. Whatever your politics, breaking into a home and attacking an elderly man with a hammer blow to the head surely deserves condemnation? But These people have lost all sense of basic human decency.

It is dangerous when delusional people with extreme views feel that they have the support of powerful people. It gives them foolhardy courage that makes them a menace to society.


  1. says

    The republicans really blew it when they put Walker forward. To me, it speaks of their disrespect and incomprehension of black men: “they’ll vote for any cockslinger with a big name!” But 50% of the black voters are women and black women have been dealing with toxic masculinity in black men for a very long time.
    Republicans would have realized this, except their hatred blinded them.

    Racism is stupid and racists are stupid. It’s a byproduct of intellectual laziness and that laziness shows clearly here.

    There is another topic, though, which is the matter of Walker’s brain injuries. He is not a well man and he is being pushed into the limelight to be a pawn and a target for mockery. The republicans are contemptibles, using Walker this way, however willingly. They knew he’d make a fool of himself and by extension ratify racists’ conception of black men.

    I have run out of fuck yous for the republicans, so picture me screaming with a stainless steel bucket on my head to amplify my rage.

  2. Katydid says

    Even more egregious about the Republicans’ use and abuse of a man with clear brain injury: they have a fetish for people with Down Syndrome. Ever since the Shrilla from Wasilla sashayed up on stage in 6-inch heels, making her 7-year-old follow afterward, lugging up the DS baby Palin acquired from somewhere, there’s been a swooning worship of people with Down Syndrome. They’re treated like pets by the right wing. Palin discarded her prop as soon as she and McCain lost the election, and never bothered to get any of the free early interventions that make a real difference in the functioning of people with DS, but the pearl-clutching over how angelic and perfect and profoundly moving it is to have a DS family member (so long as it’s not them actually caring for that person).

  3. brightmoon says

    I used to have a neighbor with a low functioning DS son. She was a citizen and she frequently went back for months to her home country with her son who wasn’t a citizen . He hit 21 and he “graduated” from school. She made the mistake of traveling back home with him . I’m not sure ( I moved) but I think they cut all aid from him at that point. Which she needed as he couldn’t read or even recognize letters other than misspelling his own name.

  4. Katydid says

    @brightmoon: in the USA, a child with disabilities can stay in public school until they’re 21. After that, it’s a patchwork of partially-subsidized community services which can vary immensely in quality from one to another, and sometimes (not guaranteed) for-profit services that are limited only by the parents’ ability to pay for these services.

    My spouse’s family has a profoundly disabled family member. Not Down Syndrome, but that can also be profound--not every DS person is Corky from Life Goes On or the little brother on Stumptown--some have huge physical abnormalities (heart, teeth, eyes, tongue) and toddler-level mental capabilities. Care falls to the families and the families alone. The stress wears out the family both physically and financially (many are living in poverty because you can’t care for a profoundly disabled adult and also work), and often results in the early death of the caregiver(s).

    The anti-choice movement periodically circles around to whipping up hysteria that DS fetuses are sometimes aborted, because of their fetish for DS people. DS can be spotted in an ultrasound and women who know exactly what it’s like in the USA to raise a disabled family member often choose not to go down that route.

    Getting back to Walker; sports fans who remember him from the 1980s insist he was capable of speaking clearly and sensibly. His disability isn’t genetic, but the result of constantly getting hit in the head until his brain was broken. The same party that cries crocodile tears over protecting a clump of cells, has no problem exploiting a mentally-disabled adult for their own purposes.

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