The rent is too damn high!

John Oliver examines the housing crisis in the country that s faced by pretty much everyone other than high-income people and how it came to be and what needs to be done.


  1. Katydi says

    Interesting. Just this weekend, I saw an Adam Ruins Everything that lectured the audience that they were fools to buy a house because that ties you down.

    As a leading-edge GenXer, I graduated college in St. Ronnie Raygun’s recession and shared a 2-bedroom apartment in a sketchy neighborhood with 5 other people I’d gone to college with. We got burgled roughly once a month but they rarely took anything--nobody owned a television or radio and apparently the burglars weren’t interested in bottles of watered-down shampoo and KMart jewelry. The Boomers called us slackers because we didn’t drive BMWs and snort cocaine like they did--we were busy working multiple McJobs

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