What happens when you offer free masks

Two men who look like surfer dudes try to hand out free masks to people in Huntington Beach, CA who were not wearing them. Hilarity ensures, except that what it reveals about people’s beliefs is not funny. It is quite extraordinary the kinds of reasons people give for not wearing masks.

Now that Trump has reversed course and declared that wearing face masks is the patriotic thing to do, these two guys should do this again and see what happens.

Wearing masks has turned into a cultural war issue in the US, and this article tries to understand why it makes some people in the US so angry.

(Non Sequitur)


  1. jrkrideau says

    Bloody hell, the USA has reached the Big-ending vs Little-Ending stage in Gulliver’s Travels.

    We seem to have a few anti-maskers here in Ontario. CBC Radio had something about them this morning but the cat was demanding food and I missed most of it. I did get the impression that CBC was (nicely) casting them as kooks.

    Here, in town, we have a mandated masks-in interior-public/business-areas order and I have not seen anyone object. One can see a teenager or a senior walking down the street wearing a mask on their arm, stop, don mask and enter store.

    Generally everyone seems to be taking precautions seriously which may account for the fact that so far we only have 3 active cases--up from 1 yesterday--no one hospitalized and no deaths so far. We do have the horrible examples of Toronto, Montréal and Ottawa to keep us vigilant.

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