This is not good

Three of the US’s top health officials, Dr. Anthony Fauci (head of the NIH’s infectious disease program and a member of the coronavirus task force), Dr. Stephen Hahn, (commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration), and Dr. Robert Redfield (director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have gone into two weeks quarantine after having come into contact with people who have tested positive for covid-19.

Meanwhile, protests continue by people wanting to lift restrictions even as it appears that there is a resurgence in cases in South Korea, China, Germany, and Iran. The first two had started relaxing the distancing rules.

(This Modern World)

(Jen Sorensen)


  1. johnson catman says

    There are 72 people that attended “a large event” in Wisconsin, most likely the anti-stay-at-home protest, that have tested positive for COVID-19. It may be that there are more cases but they have not been confirmed.

  2. marner says

    Meanwhile essential workers like those who work at grocery stores are in contact with the virus, probably daily, and are neither tested nor quarantined.
    Our response to this has been an embarrassment. How is it that we as a people are not insisting that we test every essential worker? At least at grocery stores and nursing homes?

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