If Donald Trump had been the captain of the Titanic

This meme that I received captures our dangerous idiot president perfectly. (The person who sent it to me did not tell me where he got it from. I wish I knew so that I could credit its creator.)


  1. jrkrideau says

    I believe Captain Smith of the Titanic went down with the ship. President Trump would have been the very first life boat, probably has the only passenger.

  2. consciousness razor says

    Nobody ever mentions it … being a captain gives him all of these sailing abilities at a level that nobody has ever seen before. We don’t even talk about it.

  3. antaresrichard says

    Not only is the iceberg hidden, but it’s very smart! It’s invisible!


  4. komarov says

    -- His aunt was a sailor, so he knows all this stuff by heart.
    -- The penguins’ motivation was to make Trump look bad and hurt the Titanic economy, in that order. Nothing else matters, anyhow
    -- There are just a few liters of seawater in the lower decks, once it get’s warmer hey’ll dry and everything will be fine
    -- First class will receive discounts and rebates to help keep the Titanic afloat
    -- Everyone else will get to share last night’s leftover dry bread from the first class dining hall
    -- Some of the coal shovellers in the engine room will be ordered to build lifevests instead, using what they have: coal and shovels
    -- The coast guard will be defunded because this is all their fault. They’re probably in league with the Sea of China.

    “Cheetolini would have held the lifeboats at gun point and auctioned them off to the highest bidder.”
    Well, they’re federal lifeboats, not passenger lifeboats. On the bright side, Titanic entrepreneurs will address the shortage by buying away lifeboats from under other sinking ships.

    Incidentally, the whole poster seems incomplete without the word “hoax” in it somewhere. You might say the poster itself is a hoax of sorts, but that’s far too meta given who it is about.

  5. says

    Cheetolini would open up an under water(Deep Six)CheetoCasino.featuring all you can eat Crab Legs on Tuesday nights and the Worlds first and perfect roller coaster 6 nautical miles under the sea . And send the senior citizens on the fabulous Flaming Boat Rides. Special group rates available.

  6. Katie Harris says

    The penguins are Fairy penguins from Australia -- I knew we would be blamed for something………

  7. Jan says

    Americans now realise the mistake they’ve done. An incompetent and self-centered president is not serving them well. I hope they get rid of him this fall.

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