The kindness of strangers

In a lucky series of events, the drivers of two different cars managed to quickly connect the dots between two different events to reunite a lost dog with its caregiver. Three nice people, one dog, a happy ending. What could be better?

(Xeni Jardin)


  1. flex says

    As I reflect on it, while I read a number of blogs, it’s only these types of entries on your blog that I share with my wife.

    It’s not that my wife isn’t an intelligent, progressive, wonderful, individual. It’s not that I find your other blog posts uninteresting.

    It’s because these are the posts that I like to share. The posts which help reaffirm that people can be aware, sympathetic, and helpful.

  2. Timothy says

    @1 --

    Same here! LOL.
    I just bookmarked this video to show my wife tonight. 🙂
    Thanks for posting, Mano.

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