Michael Moore and Bill Maher debate socialism versus capitalism

I know that watching Bill Maher these days is grating on the nerves but in this heated exchange, Michael Moore brought Maher’s predatory capitalistic sympathies to the surface. It is clear that Maher has become (maybe he always was) a grumpy, get-off-my-lawn, crank who thinks he is progressive and edgy because he smokes pot. But he essentially pulls out all the tired old centrist bromides that are much favored by the Democratic party establishment because it enables a few people to be rich like him while still feeling smug about the few crumbs they throw to the rest.

The bet at the end? Moore won it.


  1. John Morales says

    Wow. In the end, I had to enable vimeo and its crap to watch the OP’s link, but the (heh) alternate alternet source wants me to enable so much shit and feed me so much shit that the content would not be worth it, however good it may appear to others.

    (Did I ever say how I hate having to enable utterly unwanted crap to peruse content when the ratio of noise to signal is orders of magnitude? And it’s not even the distracting noise and concomitant slowness, it’s the utterly wasted bandwidth that offends my sensibility. Worse, with but a tiny effort, speech-to-text tech could provide a transcript, but no, I have to sit through it. Bah)

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