The Epstein dominoes start to fall

The first casualty of the new Jeffrey Epstein prosecution came about when labor secretary Alexander Acosta resigned this morning. The resignation followed the usual pattern in the Donald Trump administration, first of defiance and great expressions of support from Trump, to a resignation a couple of days later. Apparently Trump told Acosta on Tuesday to hold a press conference on Wednesday and get ahead of this story. Acosta duly obliged and gave a conference where he stated that rather than giving Epstein an unbelievably generous sweetheart deal in his earlier prosecution in 2008, he had actually got the severest sentence he thought possible. Trump then expressed his great confidence in Acosta. But that did not end the controversy and this morning, with Acosta at his side, Trump announced his resignation.

So Acosta is the first casualty. Who will be next? Which of his celebrity friends and enablers is going to fall? In an extraordinary interview, celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz who was part of Epstein’s legal team that got the generous plea deal in 2008 and who, although he palled around with Epstein on his plane and his homes, has stoutly denied any knowledge of Epstein’s abuse of minors, now has admitted that he got a massage at Epstein’s house but – and here’s the good part – he says that the massage was done by an old Russian woman and he kept his underwear on the whole time and that he does not like massages anyway. Yeah, right. Unfortunately, the mental image of Dershowitz in his underwear is now seared in my brain (and yours too probably) and can never be removed. He also says he never saw any young girls around while he was in Epstein’s presence, something that is highly unlikely and has been contradicted by Epstein’s butler in in a sworn affidavit. Dershowtiz may be a smart lawyer but his love of appearing on TV and thus agreeing to interviews that he should perhaps avoid may prove his undoing.

Meanwhile yesterday there was a bail hearing for Epstein.

In a filing in federal court in Manhattan on Thursday, Epstein’s lawyers argued that home confinement, along with electronic monitoring, surveillance and a bond secured by a mortgage on his $77m Manhattan mansion would be enough to ensure that he does not flee the country.

Prosecutors said at a court hearing on Monday that they will oppose Epstein’s release on bail, saying he poses “extraordinary risk of flight” because of his wealth, private planes and significant international ties.

Prosecutors say a trove of what seems to be nude pictures of underage girls was found in his mansion after his arrest on charges that he sexually exploited and abused dozens of underage girls from 2002 to 2005.

They are due to respond to Epstein’s motion by Friday evening. A bail hearing is set for Monday.

Epstein, facing serious jail time, will undoubtedly flee as soon as he is set free, moving to his private Caribbean island home and living luxuriously on his wealth, so giving him bail would be a highly reckless move by the judge.

As expected, people are digging into Epstein’s wealth and finances and finding more and more mysteries.

While Jeffrey Epstein has widely been reported to be a billionaire, this reputation appears to be a myth, according to a detailed New York Times report published Wednesday night. The story also revealed that Epstein has been a client of Deutsche Bank, the embattled institution facing waves of controversy in recent months and years.

The new Times report casts doubt on the idea that Epstein is a prodigious financial wizard — or even a member of the superrich in American society. One of the most eye-popping rumors about Epstein, for instance, has been that he was so elite that he refused to manage investments from people that were under $1 billion.

“Much of that appears to be an illusion, and there is little evidence that Mr. Epstein is a billionaire,” the Times reported.

Of course, the truth isn’t that Epstein is secretly destitute — it just that he’s likely not as rich as he appeared.

So there we are in the ongoing story of pervert Jeffrey Epstein and his corrupt, entitled group of people.

Who will be the next to take center stage in the spotlight?


  1. says

    I’m just waiting for the confirmation that he has compromising photos and videos of people who are very rich and that’s what enabled his wealthy lifestyle. It would be interesting to find out who’s shaking in their boots right now and who thinks their money and influence is still sufficient enough to protect them.

  2. anat says

    But that did not end the controversy and this morning, with Acosta at his side, Trump announced his resignation.

    This sentence can be read at least 2 different ways. Alas, ‘his’ refers to Acosta, not Trump.

    Re: bail -- as long as the system still uses cash bail, the sum should be set relative to the person’s wealth.

  3. Ridana says

    It would be interesting to find out … who thinks their money and influence is still sufficient enough to protect them.

    AOT,K. And most if not all of them are probably right. I won’t expect anything different until some powerful abusers are looking out at the world through bars. Weinstein’s still free, right? So is Spacey. Acosta lost his job, but not his living, he’ll land on his feet. The only reason Cosby is in jail is because he’s black. And none of these people are half as powerful as the ones hip deep in this. Even if by some miracle they’re convicted and their sentences aren’t pled down to nothing, they’ll serve their time in Club Fed.
    Yes, I’ve become cynical. As anime, manga and comics fans say, “a character isn’t dead until you show us the body, and probably not even then.”

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