Seeking messages from gods

Many religious people seek some sort of sign from their god that s/he exists and is also willing to violate the laws of science to demonstrate that fact, either by doing a general miracle or something specific to benefit them personally. Some are so desperate for this that they are willing to assign coincidences or random events or even obvious hoaxes (like the fish falling from the sky) the status of miracles.

While most of the time this is harmless, unscrupulous people can use this to trick people and swindle them of their money.

When 83-year-old Ann Moore-Martin saw the first message that she thought was from God, written in iridescent white on her parlor mirror, she couldn’t believe her luck. She was a devout Christian who had waited patiently for God to send her both love and a sign. Now, it seemed, he had sent both. “Pray for Ben. Ben loves you,” the message said. It disappeared a few hours later.

The message was referring to Ben Field, the 28-year-old preacher’s son with whom the octogenarian spinster had entered into a romantic relationship. It was also written by him, according to photos of his handiwork that were found on his cellphone.

Field is currently on trial in Britain’s Oxford Crown Court for attempting to kill Moore-Martin and for allegedly murdering Peter Farquhar, a 66-year-old retired English professor whom he had also seduced. Field’s friend, a magician named Martyn Smith, is also on trial for the crimes of attempted murder and murder. Both men deny the charges.

That Mitchell and Webb Look had a nice satire on this desperate desire for miracles.


  1. says

    So I cut open a watermelon this morning and it was blank inside. Is that blank message a sign of no god? Or…a sign of artificial selection that produced a seedless watermelon? OK, it’s probably the latter.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @ 2
    So I cut open a watermelon this morning and it was blank inside.

    Clearly you have been abandoned by god. I’d complain to the grocery store.

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