Alaskans desire to protect their precious bodily fluids is going to cost them

Many will have seen Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant satire Dr. Strangelove. Here is the clip of two famous scenes where the US general (played by Sterling Hayden) who has unleashed an unprovoked nuclear attack on the Soviet Union explains to a British officer (Peter Sellers) how the introduction of fluorine into the drinking water (promoted as a way of reducing tooth decay) was actually a cunning Communist plot to weaken Americans by destroying their precious bodily fluids.

It appears that the good people of the city of Juneau, Alaska thought this film was a documentary because in 2007 they passed an ordinance stopping the fluoridation of water. So how did that work out?

“By taking the fluoride out of the water supply… the trade-off for that is children are going to experience one additional caries procedure per year, at a ballpark (cost) of US$300 more per child,” Meyer explained to KTOO News.

Those figures are based on the youngest children assessed in the study, aged under six years of age.

Of course, more cavities necessitating dental procedures means more money is needed to fix the damaged teeth.

After adjusting for inflation, those increased costs represented anywhere between a 28 percent to a 111 percent jump for the various age groups, with the maximum increase being just over $300 annually for children in the 0 to < 6 age group who grew up with suboptimal CWF exposure. Basically, according to the researchers, the cessation was a very expensive move. … It's unknown whether the latest findings will be enough to sway the minds of other local city assemblies considering enacting their own fluoride bans – but for those who do the actual science, the science on fluoride remains perfectly clear.

But in these days of politicians who are influenced by Alex Jones and QAnon and Flat-Earthers, the power of science to provide rational decision-making has been diminished, so I doubt that they will change course merely because some scientists tell them that it was a stupid idea.


  1. Mark Dowd says

    Sure. Satire. And next you’re going to tell me that there never really was a corrupt judge who conspired to swindle the rights to an entire cartoon town, just so he could drown the whole place (and every toon in it) in “dip” and built a freeway over the wreckage. You think people just made that up? That’s what the Illuminati want you to think.

    #ToonTownTruth! Judge Doom was a false flag!

  2. Some Old Programmer says

    This situation is worse than the argument from finances made. For poor people, regular dental care may be a luxury and treating a cavity ruinous; that combination is a recipe for oral infection, with all its complications and possible mortality.

  3. Bruce says

    Can’t all those Alaskan socialists just pay their annual kid tax out of their socialist Alaska Fund swag? They don’t seem like very good socialists to me.

  4. lorn says

    One of the many amusing parts to the the whole fluoridation conspiracy story is about why fluoride was chosen. According to one story the uranium processing industry is awash with toxic waste in the form of fluoride that they need to get rid of economically. Having municipalities add fluoride to the drinking water and forcing Americans to both drink and pay for it is particularly clever, ironic, and evil.

    The stories change, grow, and are embellished so there is never just one. Fluoride is variously said to impair intelligence, fertility, and the exercise of free will. So, according to the story line, whoever is running this plot, wants low fertility stupid people who are suggestible.

    I can state that the dentists, and dental students, I’ve known all reported that they could differentiate who was getting adequate exposure to fluoride and who was not simply because of the surface hardness of the teeth. Fluoride toothpaste helps, particularly if you have no fluoride in your water, well water perhaps, but it isn’t nearly as good protection as one PPM in the drinking water.

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