1. DonDueed says

    That last one should be a kick in the gut to any conservative Christian with a conscience. Anyone know where to find one of those?

  2. suttkus says

    Aren’t sheep and mules immigrants? Ruins the punchline, of course, and humor is the important thing at a time like this.

  3. ionopachys says

    Maybe this is rude or mean, and if so I’m sorry, but I’m in pain and exhausted and right now tiny irritants are really bothersome. I mentioned this before, and then didn’t push it because I don’t like being bossy. Identifying the source of the comic in text is better than nothing, but you really ought to link back to the source. First, it’s common courtesy. You are posting someone else’s work, so you should direct traffic to the author. This is (or should be) a very important part of internet etiquette. When you reblog, you link back to the source, period, even if the source is famous: if it’s a headline from the NYT you still link. Sometimes the original source is gone, like Calamities of Nature, but you should at least link to your source.

    Second, the images are sometimes too small to read clearly, and the original site will often have higher resolution versions. I had to search for a better image of the Peanuts edit, and on the first page of Google results found this.

    I know my tone here may seem unfriendly or ugly. No real hostility is intended. I know you have nothing but good intentions, and in the scheme of things this is a tiny, unimportant issue. A few days from now when I’m rested and in less pain I will probably feel bad for this message, or at least it’s tone, even as I stand by the point. I do hope you’re having a happy holiday, and that this message doesn’t cause you any anger or grief.

  4. Mano Singham says


    Thanks. I’ll try to remember in future.

    And I am sorry that you are in such pain and hope that eases up.

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