1. jrkrideau says

    The US president is a delusional weirdo

    Sounds like a good description. But can he handle a rake?

  2. larpar says

    What do you expect from a guy that thinks that stealth jets are actually invisible and the border wall needs windows so that the border patrol won’t get hit in the head by thrown bags of drugs.

  3. alanuk says

    I have not watched the video (even if I am allowed to) because I consider Trump’s utterances to be of no value. I do however remember one good one about ‘Clean Coal’, “They take coal and they clean it”. See why I do not listen to him?

  4. says

    I cannot listen to the orange bloviator any more. I had to mute the video for his apperances.

    Color me unsuprised that when he opens his mouth, nonsense comes out. How anyone can vote for such obviously incompetent person and incoherent orator is beyond me. His speeches do not make sense.

  5. richr says

    Hey now, the nonsense that comes out of his blowhole…I mean mouth, is the best nonsense! You’ve never heard such great nonsense, it’s the bigliest!

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