John Oliver on yesterday’s rally and Laura Ingraham’s racist monologue

Why is anyone surprised anymore that so many people who work for Fox News are straight-up racists, so much so that even prominent members of the KKK like David Duke praise them? Racism is the Fox News brand. It is what they know that much of their audience wants and loves.

Ingraham later tried to distance herself from Duke and his support for her by referring to him thusly: “A message to those who are distorting my views, including all white nationalists and especially one racist freak whose name I will not even mention: You do not have my support. You don’t represent my views. And you are antithetical to the beliefs I hold dear.”

Really? As one commenter pointed out, you can’t distance yourself from racists freaks when you yourself are one.


  1. cartomancer says

    So, if her problem is not that there are too many people from ethnic minorities coming into the US, what exactly is it? What was the thrust of that rant if it wasn’t about racism? That there’s too much immigration to the US in general? But how can that be an unwanted change to complain about when the US has, historically, prided itself on being an immigrant society, and has had increasing immigration throughout living memory?

    One might also point out that if you don’t like masses of people from Central and South America fleeing to your country to start new lives there then you should probably stop propping up the US regime that is toppling their democratic governments and forcing them to flee in the first place.

  2. says

    I periodically hear about David Duke, former Grand Wizard.

    Who’s the CURRENT Grand Wizard? Is there one?

    Incidentally, speaking as a nerd of the old school, I am also insulted that they have appropriated our word for their title that, in THEIR case, celebrates ignorance.

  3. blf says

    I periodically hear about David Duke, former Grand Wizard.
    Who’s the CURRENT Grand Wizard? Is there one?

    The present-day KKK is highly fractured rabble. Duke’s KKK, or more accurately, KKKK (Knights of the KKK), was only one mob in that rabble. The KKKK itself splintered, so there are (probably) now multiple claimants to the imaginary title. The SPLC — the go-to organisation for information on hate groups and individuals in the States — says the current one is a Thomas Robb, “who eschew[s] the Klannish ‘Imperial Wizard’ title in favor of the more businesslike ‘National Director'”.

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