Political bedtime stories to get through difficult times

Filmmaker Josh Fox has started a new series of animated short films that he labels as ‘anti-totalitarian bedtime stories’. Here is the first one that deals with Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal.


  1. says

    I’m … uh. I’m disappointed in that video. Because it bypasses the question of whether the leech has enough agency that it’s worth talking about whether to blame it for being a leech, or not. I don’t think we should accept the “leech: bad” principle -- even when they equivocate insurance company execs to leeches.

    But worse, I think it’s shoddy propaganda implying that Bernie is actually better than the status quo and that he’s actually going to do something or is capable of doing something. I’m very skeptical about those points. Bernie’s a “progressive”, OK, but I’m sick of progressivism; it’s time for radicals.

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