Jordan Klepper channels Alex Jones in new comedy show

In his highly successful old show The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert adopted the persona of a right wing TV blowhard modeled on Bill O’Reilly. His departure to host a more traditional late night TV talk show has created a vacuum in that niche and now another Daily Show alum Jordan Klepper has moved to fill it, modeling himself on an even more extreme character like Alex Jones. He is going to face the challenge of being constantly compared to Colbert but Klepper has good comedy chops and should be able to withstand that scrutiny.

The new show titled The Opposition with Jordan Klepper starts on Monday, September 25 on Comedy Central, immediately following The Daily Show. Klepper talked to Trevor Noah about it.

Colbert invited Klepper on his current show back in June to talk about his new show and also the special he had about guns in America.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Tuck Buckford might even steal a lot of Trump voters if someone like that ran for office!

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