John Oliver warns us not to depend upon the Senate for health care

Those who are expecting the US senate to block the atrocious health care bill passed by the House of Representatives should not be too sanguine. They may pass a slightly watered down version but it will still hurt a lot of people.

Jimmy Kimmel also talks about the reaction he has gotten to his earlier plea for health care and takes on that pseudo-intellectual Newt Gingrich. He also has on a Republican senator to get him to commit to providing access to adequate health care for everyone, irrespective of income. The problem is that any such commitments by these politicians are worthless. They will later lie that they said it.


  1. says

    .. but you can depend on the senate to have healthcare.

    Have you ever noticed that Human Resources tends not to fire human resources? That cops tend to not arrest cops? That politicians tend to have the best set of perks and privileges that they can sneakily legislate themselves? I’d appreciate it if the House and Senate would repeal their own damn healthcare plans and leave mine alone.

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