Carlsen retains chess title

The World Chess Championship ended on Wednesday when current champion Magnus Carlsen defeated challenger Sergey Karjakin in the first of the tie breakers that consisted of four rapid-format games all played on the same day. In which each player was allocated just 25 minutes apiece, with 10 seconds added after each move. The regular rules under which the first 12 games ere played lasted up to seven hours.

The first two games were drawn, after the 37th move in the first and after 84 moves in the second. In the second Carlsen had winning options, according to the chess computers and observers, but missed them.

But Carlsen went on to win the next two to end the match.

The Ruy Lopez opening turned out to be very popular in this match, used 10 times in the 16-game series. This, along with the Giuoco Piano, is one of the first openings that beginners learn.


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