Donald Trump’s surrogates

I do not have time (or the stomach) to follow the appearances and antics of Donald Trump’s surrogates on the various TV talk shows. I see news headlines of this or that surrogate tying themselves up in knots trying to explain away Trump’s statements or poor performance in the debate but I rarely follow up on them because I don’t think they matter. Who cares what surrogates say? Surrogates are useful for filling up the time on the 24/7 cable talk shows but for little else. Does anyone’s choice of who to vote for ever get swayed but what a surrogate says or does?

So I was grateful to Bill Maher for this compilation of some of Trump surrogates’ greatest hits to bring me up to date on the silliness. I was also not aware that Trump had once sued Maher over something ridiculous, but later dropped the lawsuit.

He also discussed Trump’s performance in the debate.


  1. Bruce H says

    Trump is now famous for stiffing his building contractors. I’m willing to go out on a limb and guess that he does not stiff his lawyers. Therefore, anti-SLAPP lawsuits might be an effective tactic against him. Even if unsuccessful, it ties up his lawyers in court and costs Trump money.

    Having said that, Maher really should have made good on his promise to donate to charity, even if the promise was made in jest. Not doing so makes him look like the bully he is, and frankly, little better than Trump himself.

  2. Mobius says

    My neighbor was telling me the other day that it didn’t matter how smart Trump is, as president he would surround himself with extremely competent advisors.

    I asked him if he had bothered to look at the advisors Trump has surrounded himself with in his presidential campaign and if we could expect Trump to be any better at picking advisors as president.

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