Saturday Night Live sizes up the Republican field

You may recall Will Ferrell doing his impersonation of George W. Bush during his presidency. On Saturday Night Live, he reprises his role to announce that he is entering the race for the Republican presidential nomination and while doing so sizes up all his main competitors.

SNL had another sketch where TV personality ‘Greta van Susteren’ tries to get coherent answers from Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson on where they stand with respect to Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims.


  1. lorn says

    The irony is that the GOP has gone so far into self parody that it is hard to make fun of them. Except for the use of actors to portray the actual candidates the two presentations are so true-to-form in wording and tone that they are fair portrayals. If the actual candidates used those exact words it would fail to alter their public image.

    That isn’t to say the skits aren’t funny. It is just that the candidates are so twisted that even the straightest documentary possible would contain an equal amount of humor.

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