Stupid Republican tricks

KerryIs it only me or is anyone else embarrassed by the antics of the various Republican candidates in their willingness to do things that make them look ridiculous? Have they learned nothing from the past of John Kerry dressed in a weird-looking biohazard suit and crawling through a tube, looking for all the world like one of the sperm in the Woody Allen film Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask?

We had Lindsey Graham destroying a cell phone in multiple ways including dropping it in a blender. Ted Cruz impersonating characters from the Simpsons TV show and firing a gun with bacon wrapped around the barrel. Chris Christie sharing details about his use of contraceptives. Bobby Jindal doing pushups and other macho stunts while wearing his trademark simpering expression. Rand Paul taking a chain saw to the tax code. Mike Huckabee just being Mike Huckabee. Compared to them, Donald Trump has to struggle to be seen as the biggest buffoon in the race.

At long last, sirs, have you left no sense of decency?

Show some dignity. You are, after all, seeking to become president of a country.


  1. Callinectes says

    Is there actually a realistic prospect of any of them making it to the White House? Because funny as their efforts are, that would be quite the catastrophe.

  2. kyoseki says

    They’re hardly going to win over voters in the Presidential campaign, but it’s great for raising donations until they drop out.

    With the possible exception of Cruz since his idiotic video is ostensibly designed to appeal to the very people who would know that that’s not a machine gun.

  3. thebookofdave says

    This is why I find Trump’s stand-up act so much more entertaining. At least he writes his own material, and doesn’t resort to props in his stage act. The others are props. It’s embarassingly obvious, not just by their wooden performance, but by the Koch’s hand up their backsides.

  4. says

    Is it only me or is anyone else embarrassed by the antics of the various Republican candidates

    I’m amused. I don’t see either of the political parties as belonging to me or beholden or influenced by me. So all they can do is demonstrate why I feel that way. These people are as connected to my reality as the CG animated lizard in a car insurance ad: not at all. It’s like watching alien clowns; their humor is for a species I do not understand.

  5. jockmcdock says

    Sometimes I wonder what Putin and Merkel etc think when the see these buffoons -- as I’m sure they do. “Might I actually have to work with this idiot?”

  6. Pen says

    It makes me rather angry that the very people who wouldn’t stump up a cent towards the proper running of society if they could help it are willing to expend millions on making public idiots of themselves.

  7. Mr. Dave says

    It seems to me, that these political pantaloons have learned what they know about creating a campaign ad, is from watching YouTube videos. Many of the most popular videos are basically immature idiots doing patently stupid things because, well, being stupid is cool in certain circles, such as your average republican presidential candidate. The only really upsetting thing, is the fact that there are members of the voting public that eat this stuff up.

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