What kind of parenting is this?

A mother left her 21-year son in a Philadelphia wooded area for over five days and went to visit her boyfriend in another state. Her son is a quadriplegic who also suffers from cerebral palsy. She left the boy with a blanket and a copy of the Bible. Fortunately a bystander found him and he is now recovering in a hospital under the care of others.

It is the leaving of the Bible that baffles me. Since her son is a quadriplegic, he would not be able to hold it or turn the pages so it was clearly not there to provide him with reading matter. I initially thought that she probably felt that by leaving the Bible there, that would signal her god to watch over her son. But the above news report says that she left him there to die.

Caregivers of people who have severe physical and mental disabilities deserve our sympathy because they have very difficult lives and we should not be quick to judge them. It may well be that the strain of looking after her son caused the mother to snap and do something that the rest of us cannot comprehend. The US does not have a well-developed system for helping people out in such situations and matching them with the available options for assistance so she may not have been aware of ways her son could be better looked after. But her behavior does not allow for many sympathetic interpretations.

Meanwhile the parents of a two-year old boy dangled him over the pit housing cheetahs at the Cleveland zoo and the child fell into the pit.

The boy, who fell between 10 and 12 feet into the cheetah pit, was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center to be treated for minor bumps and bruises from the fall, Cleveland Fire Department spokesman Larry Gray said.

The child’s parents went into the exhibit and pulled him to safety, the news release said.

Apparently the cheetahs did not go anywhere near the boy or his parents, probably wisely realizing that they should steer clear of people capable of doing such idiotic things. Such people are dangerous.


  1. raven says

    Well, if you are collecting these, you can add the Texas couple ….

    If you are collecting xian atrocities, you are going to need a far larger website. These are common.

    A woman in Philadelphia did the same thing, exorcizing demons with lethal results, to her toddler in some weird cult. Several people went to prison for that. She made a deal that if her kid comes back to life, she gets out.

    And don’t forget the recent beheading in Oklahoma, where a xian cut the head off what he claimed was a witch.

    And BTW, Jim Jones was known as Reverend Jim Jones, an ordained minister of the Assembly of God fundies.

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