Margot Adler

Margot Adler died recently at the age of 68. She was one of the NPR reporters I liked to listen to. She mostly worked on feature items about people and her stories reflected an affinity for those on the margins, the outsiders, those different from the mainstream, trying to understand them and make the rest of us aware of their point of view.

In an NPR appreciation of her life, I learned that although born in the US, she was the granddaughter of famed Viennese psychotherapist Alfred Adler.

What I also learned was the she went to college at the University of Berkeley in the 60s and was a Wiccan high priestess, which may help explain her interest in and comfort with those who were outside the mainstream.

Although I had never met Adler, I felt her to be a kindred spirit and I will miss her reports.

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