1. Jean says

    Mano, haven’t you watched the whole video (after 5:15)? That guy is the worst misogynist asshole possible. And if you don’t understand the references there are a few posts about it elsewhere on FTB.

  2. maudell says

    I must say, I am surprised you encourage this video. I know that you have been mostly outside of the whole gender/atheism thing, but the victim blaming of this video is quite offensive. Women should have the backbone of not drinking so much and getting raped. Got it. Testimonies of sexual harassment or rape are as likely as the gospels testimony. Got it.

    This video made me unsubscribe. Way to ask for donations.

  3. OverlappingMagisteria says

    First half of the video: top notch Mr Deity.

    Second half………………….

  4. dsgqrhqethyehyreghfe says

    I would hesitate to assume that anything in a Mr.Deity video is precisely the same as the views of Brian Dalton. I have been uncomfortable with Brian Dalton’s work with “Mr. Skeptic” since I began hearing descriptions of Mr. Skeptic acting in an inconsiderate fashion, and the ‘begging segment’ in “Mr. Deity and the Hat” – at the risk of understatement – does nothing to relieve that discomfort. But, even if I had solid reasons to believe that Brian Dalton intended the begging segment to be perceived in the ways that many of the people who are justifiably upset with the sequence are perceiving it I would hesitate to assume that anything in a Mr.Deity video precisely represents the views of Brian Dalton.

    tl;dr: That was a pretty stupid move by Brian Dalton, no matter what his intentions.

    (for some reason this software will not let me comment at Prof.Pedant. It thinks I am an imposter even though I am Prof.Pedant.)

  5. Mano Singham says

    No, I had not. I almost always stop watching at the credits, because the rest is usually a plug for donations.

    After all these comments, I went and looked at the whole thing.

    In future, I will have to watch the whole thing so as not to get blindsided again.

  6. LeftSidePositive says

    Yeah, I really think at this point it is now irresponsible to promote any Mr. Deity video whatsoever. The atheist & skeptic movements are social things, as humans are social beings, and promoting people (even on stuff that’s irrelevant to the unethical behavior that they did) reinforces their star power and enables them to influence more people (and people might not realize they’re being swayed by the bad stuff, or that the perspective of someone who’s honest or insightful in some things is most definitely not in other matters). Moreover, as a community we need to enforce community norms, including a bare minimum standard of human decency like “don’t shame rape victims for engaging in the very same partying that conferences actively promote.” If someone can’t live up to that, I don’t care how many clever videos they can put together about inconsistencies in the 10 commandments or whatever, these people do not deserve an audience (and looking the other way at the bad stuff and promoting the not-awful stuff still gives them an audience, and thus no disincentive to keep on being awful).

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