The Thinking Housewife is mad at pope Francis

When people get tired of modern life and yearn for the languid bygone age of genteel manners where everyone knew their proper place and there wasn’t all this talk of ‘equality’ and ‘rights’ and so on that give so many people uppity ideas, many may tune in to Downton Abbey for a refreshing breeze of nostalgia. As for me, I go over to the website The Thinking Housewife where I can be assured that right thinking will prevail and old-fashioned values upheld.

I went over there recently and was not disappointed. In a recent posting, pope Francis, Cardinal Dolan, and other members of the Catholic hierarchy are accused of shameless pandering to Muslims by implying that Muslims and Christians worship the same god. The writers don’t mince words: “May the Pope, the theologically liberal Evangelical “leaders,” and all other heretics of the true Church be brought to their knees in repentance and contrition for their blasphemy against the Holy Spirit; Lord have mercy on them.”

Francis and Dolan had better watch out. When even ardent traditionalists like those at The Thinking Housewife think you are destined to go to hell for heresy and blasphemy, you are in big trouble.


  1. Ysidro says

    Ironically, those who share “The Thinking Housewife’s” ideals probably believe wives should not be thinking. Dangerous ideas may occur!

  2. oldymoldy says

    “May the Pope, the theologically liberal Evangelical “leaders,” and all other heretics of the true Church be brought to their knees in repentance and contrition for their blasphemy against the Holy Spirit; Lord have mercy on them.”

    how does this work? do they want these folks brought down or do they want the “lord to have mercy on their soul”?
    seems a bit confused to me.

  3. Corvus illustris says

    The Thinking Housewife is not only mad at the pope, she’s just plain mad as in seriously divorced from reality. Farther down on the linked page, in a rant with an obviously different topic, we have

    If Trayvon had been white, Zimmerman would likely not have been charged.

    A white kid going about his lawful business in a neighborhood in which he has a perfectly natural reason to be is shot under identical circumstances and the shooter would never have been charged? Of course the white kid would never have been accosted: is that her twisted logic?

  4. sailor1031 says

    Well she has a point. What she is spouting is orthodox catholicism. What she doesn’t get is that Popes, Cardinals, Bishops etc are capi in a multinational criminal organization not leaders of a religious organization. As such they will do whatever seems at the moment to be good for business. Who knows? – maybe some of those muslims will need a little money laundered or kiddy-fiddling concealed some fine day, for a price of course.

  5. Corvus illustris says

    What she is spouting is orthodox catholicism.

    Oh, this is beyond orthodox catholicism; we’re in Mel Gibson’s father’s territory here. Orthodox catholicism, hearing something from the pope, would echo Augustine’s Roma locuta est; causa finita est (Rome has spoken–case closed). Given the particularly authoritarian tone from JP_2 and his successors (not to mention Dolan), we might even look forward to a formal excommunication here, or at least a demand that she recant. I want the popcorn concession.

  6. sailor1031 says

    When I was a little catholic kid growing up in ignorance we were told often that ALL other religions were wrong. That included all “protestant” religions – the word “christian” was not used. Hindus, muslims, buddhists – no other religions were mentioned that I recall- were simply “pagans” who did not believe in doG at all…….. I know ecumenism became fashionable at and after Vatican II but it’s never been part of the dogma and has only been a ploy because religion generally and RCC in particular were losing ground and wanted to join with other “communities of faith” to resist and prevent secularism from becoming the dominant idea of society. I’m not at all sure that the Gibsons and their ilk aren’t the true catholics. A look back at RCC Inc’s history suggests to me that they are.

  7. sailor1031 says

    It’s all very reminiscent of Soviet revisionism. I remember reading about the difficulties some communist-party members had in 1941 when required to totally backtrack regarding Hitler and the german allies after the initiation of Operation Barbarossa…Seems like some catholics are having similar problems getting their minds turned around to deny what they were earlier taught by doG’s eternal, unchanging ‘church’..

  8. Matt G says

    I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that she probably thinks that Black people get all the breaks, and that it’s tough to be White in America. Twisted.

  9. Corvus illustris says

    I’m not at all sure that the Gibsons and their ilk aren’t the true catholics. A look back at RCC Inc’s history suggests to me that they are.

    Well, it depends on how far back you want to go. At the end of the 9th c. it was possible to hold a synod condemning a pope (Formosus the first and only) for heresy and perjury and depose him post mortem. In the 14th c. the last previous John (#22 if you disregard antipopes) asserted but did not proclaim what IIRC became a Lutheran doctrine, namely that the blessed would not attain the beatific vision until the last judgment. (Whether J_{22} turned around on this or not is disputed.) After Vatican I in 1870, though, things get murky because absolute power has corrupted absolutely; I believe that whether a pope can be a heretic when not speaking ex cathedra is disputed. As to “no salvation outside the church”–ya, all other religions are wrong, but the Roman theologians cleverly define this away so that Moslems, etc., while wrong, may yet attain salvation, so F_1 is for the time being orthodox. On this subject: somebody cited various sections of the current catechism to me in replying to a comment some time ago, but I didn’t take notes.

  10. jamessweet says

    I can sympathize! Why, just the other day, I heard somebody arguing that the warp technologies in Star Wars and Star Trek were essentially the same. No!!!!! These two completely impossible fictitious concepts are not the same, and it is a grievous insult to say that they are!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!!11

  11. Paul Gerard says

    What you miss in this spoof report – is that this pope is stating opinions that his predecessor’s in the 20th century called heretical.

    Core Catholics who pay the bills are not going to stand-by and see another Paul VI vandalise the Church.

    Those remaining in the church, increasingly are traditionlists Catholics. They are not going to put their hands in their pockets to pay for a church that espouses heresy!

    Francis is a modernist and a liberal and he is leading the Catholic Church towards schism.

    He might appeal to the Candy-Cotton-Catholics who don’t practice, and never darken the church door; but his is rapidly estranging the core of the traditional practicising church.

    According to Francis : “Abortion and homosexuality – get over it!” According to this new Gospel of Franics atheists go to Heaven.

    So tell me Francis, what is the point of Catholic going to Mass?

    What is the point of Catholics paying to support priests to offer Holy Mass? as there is no need because we all go to heaven!

    The Cardinals have to step in an say and DO something before this man blows up the church!

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