One wheeled cycle

Remember the Segway? Now along comes a unicycle that operates similarly to that and has a self-balancing technology that makes it so stable that it is impossible to fall off it. It is called the RYNO and you can read more about it here. It can be parked anywhere that a bicycle can be parked. It is being marketed to commuters in dense traffic areas that have high parking charges.


  1. says

    When I first saw the segways, I was concerned about what would happen if one of the wheels stopped spinning when the thing and its rider had some momentum. If you look on youtube searching for “segway fail” there are several examples – it looks like a lot of oral surgery to get all the implants to replace the teeth that get knocked out. One wheel… Hmmm… what could go wrong with that?

  2. kyoseki says

    You know, I was just thinking that motorcycles were far too safe and we really need something new to take the stability out of “instability”.

    … and Jesus, you wouldn’t want to have to take any kind of sudden evasive action on that thing would you?

  3. One Day Soon I Shall Invent A Funny Login says

    “it is expected to cost around £2,250, according to figures released when the concept was launched in 2010.” Well, that’s not likely to happen; new segways cost around $5500 USD, and this has to have some more-expensive components than a segway. Like a battery that will go 50mi at 25mph.

    See also the SoloWheel.

  4. Frank says

    When I first looked at this post, I thought that it could have come from The Onion. Pretty cool, though, that people are actually developing this technology (even though I wouldn’t feel safe using one of these things in traffic at this point).

    A few minutes later, I saw your post about DHS employees not being allowed to read something published in the Washington Post, as it might compromise their security clearance. Also material worthy of The Onion. Somewhat less cool, though.

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