Don’t look at this slide if you work for the DHS

Employees of the Department of Homeland Security (an Orwellian name if there ever was one) have been warned not to read on an unclassified machine an article in the Washington Post because a slide shown in the article is one of the classified slides revealed by Edward Snowden.

Here is the slide that appeared in the paper, so DHS employees should avert their eyes.

NSA slide

If you work for the Department of Homeland Security and have now seen this slide, call the guys from Men in Black to erase your memory.

This slide is one of a set of nine slides used at an NSA presentation that reveal how the NSA data gathering works. What is interesting about these top secret slides is how they describe the NSA and the major Silicon Valley and telecommunications companies as having a cozy working relationship with each other, sharing information freely.


  1. Chiroptera says

    Heh. I can feel the threat of a terrorist attack increasing even as I type this!

  2. badgersdaughter says

    I can feel my graphic presentation-trained hands reaching for my own throat as I attempt to look past the garbage design and read the content.

  3. Doug Little says

    I second badgersdaughter, brutal, brutal design. You would have to work hard to come up with something worse than that. I like how AOL appears as one of the companies… how many 65 years or older terrorists do you know?

  4. says

    The underlying stuff under the horrible chartjunk appears to be a thickness map of the bandwidth being tapped, or the message volumes. Including between the mainland and Alaska.

  5. weaver says

    The same thing happened when Manning stole the classified material and Assange released it in bulk – those of us with security clearances were warned that viewing the material on non-classified sites could be a clearance violation.

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