Ode to Joy with broken crockery

This is fun to watch. It is possible that the video is faked and that the music notes were produced separately and spliced in. But I think it is entirely possible that he had to kick a lot of broken crockery to get the full set of notes he needed and then picked those clips that he could sequence to get the result he wanted. That’s still pretty good.

What impresses me is not so much the execution of the idea but that some people get such crazy ideas in the first place.

(Via Cory Doctorow)


  1. Nepenthe says

    It doesn’t sound like it’s the “right” notes. It seems like the mind is filling in the notes and he’s just doing the rhythm and making sure the tones go up or down in the right spot to make it more plausible.

  2. DonDueed says

    Nepenthe, I agree that at least some of the notes were off. However, a lot of them were correct, and not only that, in harmony!

  3. thnidu says

    Despite Doctorow’s and Singham’s doubts, the YouTube page says

    Published on Jan 19, 2013
    used only:

    4 plates

    1 camera

    plenty of cuts


    and no modifying on any of the sounds – that is why it is out of tune sometimes, damn, it is so hard to tune shards

    AFAICT, every note is clearly in its shard’s output, though sometimes it sounds as if it’s in the wrong octave. IMO, some of the notes were “off” in that the harmonics were different for some than for others.

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