Acceptance of atheism increasing

There are further signs that atheism is on the rise. David Niose points to surveys that show that for the first time ever, a majority (54%) of Americans “would vote for a qualified, open atheist for president.” This is a substantial increase from the 45% of 2007 and a huge increase from the meager 18% of 1958.

Niose goes on to say that “atheists still rank lowest among the groups listed. Muslims (58 percent), gays and lesbians (68 percent) and Mormons (80 percent) all ranked higher.”

He says that this is bad news but I don’t see it as so. I think that what this shows is a rising tide of acceptance of diversity and pluralism that is lifting all formerly marginalized groups. It does not bother me that atheists lag behind the other groups as long as the general acceptance trend is upwards.


  1. pipenta says

    And all due props to old man Dawkins for hollering and waving the rake of responsibility and chasing us off the lawn of our isolation and getting us out onto the streets making noise





  2. Robert B. says

    Well, it bothers me that atheists lag behind, because we have to actually live in the years where that lag is important. But, yes, ultimately the news is good; in the long term we’ll be fine.

    But notice that atheists aren’t necessarily the least trusted overall, just the least trusted among those groups mainstream enough to get in the poll. Notably not listed: “Trans*,” “Neuro-atypical,” “Disabled,” and “Asian-American.”

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