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A couple of days ago, The Daily Show had a bit on the ‘war on women’ topic and in the process outraged Bill Donahue of The Catholic League, not that hard to do because he seems to be in a state of eternal apoplexy. In fact, going on TV and screaming that his finely tuned Catholic feelings are hurt seems to be his full-time occupation.

Here is the offending The Daily Show segment.

The Daily Show
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(This clip appeared on April 16, 2012. To get suggestions on how to view clips of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report outside the US, please see this earlier post.)

Donahue has said “We are asking Stewart to apologize. If he does not, we will mobilize Protestants, Jews, Mormons and Muslims to join us in a boycott of his sponsors. Moreover, we will not stop with a boycott; there are other things that can be done to register our outrage. We are prepared to spend the money it takes to make this a nationwide issue, and we are prepared to stay the course. Tomorrow we will have something definitive to say, one way or the other.”

What happens when a completely humorless guy goes up against a professional comedian? Stay tuned!


  1. says

    Oh my! I’m sure John Stewart and the Comedy Network are really concerned about this pending boycott (and all the free publicity it has generated). The god botherers just don’t understand that their majority is slipping away along with their economic and political power. We don’t fear them anymore.

  2. Ashley Moore says

    Or “what happens when a guy who tells jokes for a living goes up against a guy who is one.”

  3. Cliffjrs says

    One would think Catholics would spend their time protesting the child abuse by pedophile priests and the coverups that go all the way up to the Pope. It’s their way of life, I guess.

  4. Doug Little says

    I’m thinking that there is not a hell of a lot of overlap between viewership of The Daily Show and people who would listen to Donahue.

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