Today is April Fools day. I am not a fan of practical jokes on any day including this one. I especially do not understand why news organizations that depend upon their credibility for their very existence, would carry them out. But having said that, I will give a pass to the following prank pulled by the BBC in 2008, because it is so beautifully done and leaves you smiling even after you realize that you have had your leg pulled.

This short clip explains how it was done.

However, via Boing Boing I saw this cute video of a couple of penguins really flying, except that it was in the first class cabin of an airplane. I guess that when you wear a tuxedo, you have a better chance of being upgraded.


  1. Amenhotepstein says

    I think Terry Jones as the presenter MIGHT have been a bit of a giveaway…

  2. left0ver1under says

    I agree with you. I saw the other FTB members’ “jokes” and shook my head with disdain. Unfortunately, people will be labelled as spoilsports for not liking “practical jokes”.

    There’s nothing “practical” about them. Most are stupid, some fool people enough to believe and embarass them, but the worst are the deliberately hurtful ones.

    On April 1st, you will inevitably hear the religious tell the oft repeated and pathetic fiction about a judge calling April 1st “atheists’ day”. It’s not, it’s christians’ day. Why else would it be so close to easter?

    I heard it suggested once that Labour Day should be adopted as atheists’ day. Finding facts requires work, and since Labour Day is the day before the school year begins, it’s all the more appropriate.

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