Speech jamming gun

I have noticed that when I make calls on Skype, I sometimes hear a small echo of my voice. This has a remarkably discombobulating effect, making it almost impossible to continue speaking.

I learned that a Japanese company has used this effect to create a speech jamming gun that you can use to silence speakers whom you find annoying.

I am not sure what would happen if people started using it at public meetings. If only it could be made to work when you point it at someone speaking on TV…

Talking of TVs, you could use the device known as TV B Gone that can be used to surreptitiously turn off TVs in public places, such as airports, when it is impossible to avoid them.

It is likely that use of both these devices is illegal.


  1. jamessweet says

    Heh, I know a smattering of Japanese, and the conversation subtitled “tired of her empty cellphone talk?” was actually kindof funny. About 75% of what she was saying was something like, “Yeah, I know, right? It’s like, totally. Duh, that’s cool.” hehehe…

    My parents landline does this sometimes when I call from my cellphone. It’s very irritating. But you can manage to ignore it if you try, although takes some concentration and is very distracting.

  2. mikey says

    I love me some TV-B-Gon… but I am careful where and when I use it. F’rinstance, if I’m in a bar full of rednecks, I’m leaving their NASCAR alone….

  3. OverlappingMagisteria says

    I think calling it speech jamming is a bit of an exaggeration. I initially thought that the device would send an inverted sound wave to the source which would cancel out the sound waves, like the sound canceling headphones people use on planes. This device sends a 0.2 second delayed sound, which is more of an annoyance. “Speech Befuddler” would be a better term.

  4. Art says

    There is a similar device that causes cell phones to hang up on any call they are making. Illegal, but quite handy in case of loud talkers and people who use their phone inappropriately.

  5. Mike Cotter says

    I have used TV-B-Gone in waiting rooms for doctors and dentists, auto repair, etc. Invariably someone will appear to turn on the TV that no one was watching. I’ve also used it for mischief in TV sales showrooms. Great fun, only 20 bucks!

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