Just when you thought this race could not get any weirder…

All those who are worried that Rick Santorum might win the presidency can relax. Donald Trump has announced that if Santorum gets the Republican nomination, he will “seriously, seriously” (this means he’s really, really serious) consider entering the race in order to thwart him because at this crucial time in the nation’s history “We need someone that’s really going to be great” and Santorum doesn’t cut it while The Donald of course does.

We can all sleep easier knowing that Trump will save the day.


  1. baal says

    We can only hope…kinda.

    I think Obama wins if the R side of the aisle keeps up the insane clown circus it’s been up to. Given Ed’s reporting on Obama pro-totalitarian tendencies, I can’t be strongly supportive. OTOH, Obama’s not mouthing pro-theocracy sounding noise.

  2. says

    This does give me a bit of an idea.

    Why don’t we forego the usual primary caucus, and instead move to a model pioneered by The Donald. There should be a reality TV show in which candidates compete head-to-head for fabulous prizes and finally, the Presidential nomination.

    We put all the candidates in a mansion with nothing more than a library, a bunch of relevant journals, an internet connection, three research assistants each (who will all suffer from some kind of character deficiency, just to make it interesting), and the production crew. In each episode, they’ll have to attempt a substantive discussion (not debate) on a current event, with real-time on-screen score keeping — one point for a truthful statement that scores against an opponent, and minus one point for each untruth. Partial truths only count if the true part of the statement works toward the actual argument the candidate is making.

    Every week, registered Republicans vote not for their favorite, but to vote someone out of the race.

    Fourteen go in. One comes out. (Two, if you take the second person left as the VP.) Excellent television that will engage the Survivor demographic and political junky alike.

    I think I’m going to pitch this to the History Channel. It sounds right up their alley.

  3. mnb0 says

    I’ll be happy if Trump will join the competition; it will mean that for another four years there will be no incompetent Republican in the White House.

  4. Greg P. says

    So the Donald would rather re-elect Obama than elect Santorum? That’s almost always what happens when a third party candidate enters an election.

  5. msironen says

    At this rate, The Onion will be out of business (much like the Finnish humor/satire magazine Pahkasika which had, in the words of its chief editor, become redundant by the year 2000).

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