Westboro Baptist Church and free speech

Tomorrow the US Supreme Court will hear the case as to whether the Westboro Baptist Church has the right to conduct their anti-gay protests at funerals.

I think it is misguided to try and use the law to suppress the Westboro group because not only it does infringe on their free-speech rights, it also gives them the kind of publicity they crave and allows them to act as First Amendment defenders.

What should be done is to organize flamboyant counter-demonstrations, the way that the people at Comic Con did in July of this year or as Michael Moore did back in 1999 in his TV show The Awful Truth.

Or as Red State Update did.

Ridicule and humor is the best weapon against hateful speech. We should laugh them out of business.


  1. Scott says

    I laughed out loud at the Michael Moore video. Thanks! Based on Bill Maher’s rules from last week, one wonders what homosexual skeletons are hiding in Fred Phelps’ closet.

  2. says

    I think Westboro Baptist church should be allowed to protest at the funerals. It is not a popular opinion, but I think we need to preserve free speech in this country.

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