Carnivalia, and an open thread

A few carnival announcements:

The next Tangled Bank will be held next Wednesday at The Inoculated Mind (yes, it’s back up!). Send your submissions to karl AT inoculatedmind DOT com with “Tangled Bank Submission” in the subject line, or send it to me or

As always, carnival barking threads are also open threads—talk about what you will.

Open Thread: are we having fun yet edition

While I am intensely distracted—I’m freaking out a little bit over this Cafe Scientifique presentation I have to do in a couple of hours, and since I’m also the organizer I’ve also got to set up all the AV gear in a new venue and miscellaneous other mundane tasks—I’ll let everyone talk among themselves for a while.

(My problem with this talk right now is that I put together all kinds of stuff and had 130 slides to show…I’ve had to be ruthless and rip at it savagely, since I really want this to be an easy going 30-40 minute presentation. But there’s so much I could say!)

Hey, an important reminder: send those Tangled Bank entries soon: go here for the address. This is your last chance!

Open Thread

Open Thread

I’m doing some traveling and touristy things with grrlscientist today, on top of somehow coping with the first week of classes (physiology and our freshman seminar in biological principles), and attending Drinking Liberally at the 331 Club tonight. I also have to get tickets to the Prairie Home Companion show that will be taped here at UMM on 11 February…it all adds up to me being a little scattered and distracted and otherwise occupied for much of today. You all are just going to have to fend for yourselves for a bit.

Here is a short list of things I should write about, but won’t get to today.

I do have some Science!!! to write about, but first I have to clear up some time in an overloaded schedule.