The new John Benneth policy

That loopy homeopath, John Benneth, is bragging now that he is the most widely read homeopath in the world, and that his blog has broken all previous viewership records. He’s quite proud of this “accomplishment”.

One of the last John Benneth Journal entries for 2010, IN ONE YEAR, has broken all previous viewership records and sparked more commentary and outrage amongst the pharmaceutical company stooges than any previous Journal entry, enlisting the usual fury and nasty responses.

He seems to be aware of how it happened: I linked to that one article. What he doesn’t seem to appreciate, though, is that what I giveth, I can take away, and that it doesn’t say much for homeopathy that one link from one blog can make such a dramatic difference in his traffic.

So, because he thinks it’s meaningful, I’ve added a little filter to this site: using “” in a comment will get it held for moderation…and it won’t be approved. Bye bye, Mr Benneth.

You’ll have to look him up indirectly, as in this mention on FSTDT. Otherwise, ignore the loon.

I get email

Some of the email I get is simply crackpots trying to give me information. I received a lovely example this morning, and since he wants to share, I’m willing to help him.

Dear Dr. Myers, When God said He stretched out the Heavens in the Old Testament, and will fold them back again in the New Testament, He was using Hebrew and Greek to explain Planetary Orbital Jumping. Our four gas giants behave like electrons in that they can pivot in relation to each other. Jupiter will soon migrate back to it’s original orbit farther from the Sun as the other three gas giants return to their original orbits closer to the Sun. In the process, Venus will migrate closer to the Earth where it will become a pristine habitable world like Earth was before Noah’s flood. The Tabernacle God gave Moses represents Earth and the four gas giants. The Altar of Burnt Sacrifice represents Earth. The Bronze Laver — Jupiter; the Altar of Incense — Saturn; and the two angels on the Ark of the Covenant — the Greek “Ouranos,” and Neptune. The word Heaven in Greek is “Ouranos.” It means spiritual abodes. Rather than emitting particles that behave like waves when they return to their original orbits, the gas giants will release the souls of those who died on Earth. I have written a book called Fire Rider that explains this in detail. Thank you, David Leon Powers

Yes, he sent me a copy of his “book”. It’s only 13 pages long, though, so maybe he’s just being ambitious in its description. Here, you can read the whole thing yourself, although I have to tell you, it just goes on and on in the vein of the paragraph above.

There must be a god, because I don’t know how things work

David Silverman appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show this week, and brought out the stupidity in dopey ol’ Bill. He gave his usual justification: “The tides go in, the tides go out. The sun goes up, the sun comes down.” The clip below is notable for two things: it contains the multiple examples of O’Reilly dragging out this non-explanation, and it’s got Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining tides.

I love how O’Reilly gets that smug look on his face every time he brings up the tides. It’s adorable. You’d want to hug him for his cute and funny story…if he were two years old.

How to cover doomsayers

If you’re disappointed in CNN, you can always turn to MSNBC…ooops, never mind, they’re solemnly reporting on the end-of-the-world nonsense from the Harold Camping Cult. They’re predicting the Rapture will come on 21 May.

I would like to propose a novel version of Pascal’s Wager for the news media. When apocalyptic cults come along and announce disaster and doom, ridicule them. Just rip into them, send your most sarcastic, cynical reporters to cover the story, and just shred all the followers as loons and gullible freaks. There will be two possible outcomes.

One, they’re right, and the world ends. Your business has nothing to gain or lose by taking them seriously before the big event — it’s going kaput no matter what. So have a grand time before the catastrophe and make money with laughter. It’s not as if listening to crazy ol’ Harold Camping will make a bit of difference in your fate.

Two, they’re wrong, and the world keeps rolling on beyond 21 May. We all win! It means your coverage was spot on perfect, and got all the right answers, while the cultists are going to have to go glumly back to living their miserable little failed lives. Follow up with a feature on all the broken-hearted crazies. Start looking for the next mob of nuts to mock.

See? That’s how to handle it. All this sober pandering to derangement gains you nothing.