Do you think medical boards protect us from quacks?

She said, the longer you wear a mask, the more unhealthy you get.

She thinks vaccines wreck chromosomes. For those of you who say you are Christians, what will your life review look like at the end of your life? Will the Lord say to you: ‘You coerced people into being injected with this gene-modification technology that irreversibly disrupts your chromosomes?

She claims that that there is “some sort of an interface, ‘yet to be defined’ interface, between what’s being injected in these shots and all of the 5G towers, and that the vaccines have caused thousands of deaths in the U.S.

She also says I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures all over the internet of people who’ve had these shots, and now they’re magnetized. They can put a key on their forehead, it sticks. They can put spoons and forks all over them, and they can stick. Because now we think that there’s a metal piece to that.

She thinks cities are liquifying dead bodies and pouring them into the water supply.

She has a mission.

In one session, Tenpenny implores God to release the U.S. from the tyranny of the mask, argues America is founded on your word and expresses hope it will return to being one country under God. In another, she refers to vaccines as a bioweapon to damage your children created by satanists who allow Black Lives Matter and antifa activists to operate as a front to drive socialism through the heart of America, which turns into communism.

I’m sure you’ll all be relieved to know that the state medical board has restored Sherri Tenpenny’s license to practice medicine in the state of Ohio.


  1. mordred says

    Wouldn’t trust her to check the correct end of my body if I came to her with a headache!

  2. raven says

    It depends on the state and the state medical board.
    No, I wouldn’t trust the Ohio state medical board.

    Idaho Capital Sun

    Washington regulators restrict medical license of Idaho doctor who spread COVID-19 disinformation
    Dr. Ryan Cole likely knew the COVID disinformation he spread was false, state medical regulators rule

    Dr. Ryan Cole’s medical license is restricted in the state of Washington after state regulators concluded that Cole knowingly shared disinformation about COVID-19 and broke medical standards by virtually prescribing ivermectin to COVID-19 patients – against medical evidence.

    Cole is an Idaho pathologist who has spread COVID-19 disinformation while serving as an appointed Idaho health official.

    Ryan Cole is a medical doctor turned antivaxxer quack.

    .1. The state of Washington finally limited his medical license.

    “The decision by the Washington Medical Commission restricts Cole for five years from practicing primary care medicine and from prescribing medications for patients in Washington. Cole’s medical practice, in Washington, is now limited to the practice of pathology. ”
    I guess they think as long as his patients are surgical specimens he can’t do too much damage.

    .2. Meanwhile the state of Idaho made him an appointed public health official.

    “The Idaho Board of Medicine previously closed a complaint into Cole’s Idaho medical license without looking into patient records, ”
    The Idaho board did nothing, didn’t even investigate him.

    I wouldn’t trust the Idaho Board of Medicine either.

  3. seversky says

    I would have serious doubts about her competence to practice medicine and that of the medical board to uphold professional standards among the doctors under their supervision.

  4. raven says

    From the article above.

    If Cole wants to keep his medical license in the state of Washington, he must complete medical education courses and write an essay focused on honesty in medicine. The commission ordered Cole to complete classes focused on COVID-19, pulmonary and respiratory diseases, medical record-keeping and telehealth in six months.

    The commission ordered Cole to submit an essay, at least 1,000 words long, about “professionalism, truthfulness and honesty in medicine.” The paper should, the commission says, explain how Cole would apply what he learned in his medical practice. Cole should be prepared to discuss the paper’s content with the commission, the ruling said.

    The commission also ordered $5,000 in fines.

    Not complying with the order could mean Cole’s license would be suspended or revoked, the commission warned.

    To keep his license he needs to take some continuing medical education classes.
    This is simple and commonly done.

    He probably won’t do it.

    I’ve seen this before.
    One physician I knew was a good doctor at one time.
    Then something happened and he started prescribing a lot of opiates to a lot of people.
    Eventually the state medical board suspended his license.
    He could get his license reinstated by taking some continuing medical education courses, subject to limitations on prescribing opiates.
    He never took them and lost his license.

  5. cheerfulcharlie says

    Won’t vaccinate?
    Won’t mask up?
    Don’t practice social distancing?
    Stay away from me!
    I have pepper spray.

  6. says

    Doesn’t the magnetism go away when you take a shower, though?
    That’s something else I heard on the internet. From a former president of something or other.

  7. awomanofnoimportance says

    Don’t forget that half of all doctors graduated in the bottom 50% of their class. Lawyers too.

    There’s a hilarious play called The Imaginary Invalid in which a thoroughly incompetent doctor can find a pulse on one side but not the other, so he declares the patient half dead.

  8. tedw says

    That story is bad enough, but in Florida they would probably make her the surgeon general.

  9. Larry says

    It honestly seems that the sworn mission of the GOP caca-ocracy is to bring about the deaths of as many people as possible, whether through dismantling medical safety protocols, making medical procedures illegal, enabling dangerous, incompetent doctors to practice their version of black magic, or through the elimination of the public safety net. Meanwhile, those who are the targets of this mission, continue to vote for these ‘leaders’ with the words “More, please” on their lips as they die.

  10. birgerjohansson says

    Tedw @ 9
    You beat me to it!
    Larry @ 10 “their version of black magic”…You know, maybe a vodoo practicioner would make less harm.

  11. jenorafeuer says

    Unsurprisingly, Orac has been complaining about the toothlessness of medical boards for years. Not only are they, like bar associations, basically the organization self-policing (meaning they inherently don’t want to discipline their own unless it very blatantly looks worse for them if they don’t) but there are also now a growing number or right-wing think tanks masquerading as medical associations. Those give the quacks organizing points and political clout while at the same time the medical boards have been underfunded by the libertarian types, like every other method of actually enforcing standards.

  12. says

    Maybe the reason she is so addled is because she was hit in the head by one of Marjorie Failure Greene’s space lasers. It appears that now there are few institutions that will protect us from the virulently spreading insanity. All this just reinforces my position that: Society is largely a failed experiment.

  13. says

    “the longer you wear a mask, the more unhealthy you get”

    First of all, it’s “unhealthier” and second of all, NO, YOU DIPSHIDIOT.

    I’m still wearing my mask at work. I haven’t stopped since 2022. Prior to Covid, I never wore a mask. Both pre and post Covid, I have been working retail.

    Thirteen years in Walmart: near constant illness. I caught everything that ran through the Front End, including the flu! I had to work, feeling like absolute shit, multiple weeks in a row because Walmart didn’t have PTO. (If you missed work while sick, you were screwed. We had a cashier with a heart condition who was nearly terminated because she had been wheeled out of the store on a stretcher!) I lost count of how many stomach illnesses and respiratory infections I had to battle.

    In the eight-almost nine-years in Costco, I haven’t had that problem. Part of it was being in the Food Court for a couple of years and being segregated from everyone, and the other was the pandemic and mask wearing. I’m one of the few who still mask up and I’m very rarely sick, even though we still get ailments running rampant in the warehouse. Just after the mask mandate dropped, we had a stomach virus spreading through the store. Multiple people missed work. Me? I never did. I was healthy the entire time.

    It’s almost like masks can help slow down the spread of diseases or something…

  14. raven says

    It’s almost like masks can help slow down the spread of diseases or something…

    During the Covid-19 virus pandemic, the number of influenza cases dropped way down.

    Decreased Influenza Incidence under COVID-19 Control …

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) (.gov) › articles › PMC7392467
    by RJJ Soo · 2020 · Cited by 302 — We compared indicators of influenza activity in 2020 before and after public health measures were taken to reduce coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    To the point where one common flu strain went extinct.

    CDC: Are influenza B/Yamagata lineage viruses now extinct? There have been no confirmed detections of influenza B/Yamagata lineage viruses after March 2020.

    It was a combination of widespread mask wearing and social distancing.
    It is almost like those epidemiologists and Tony Fauci know what they are doing.

  15. awomanofnoimportance says

    shermanj, No. 14, I think civilization largely is a failed experiment. It gives me the same sense as an incredibly bright, gifted child who is lazy and unmotivated and grows up to flip burgers even though he had the talent to become something so much better.

    This could be a really great world. All the money that’s being spent on blowing people up could instead be spent on science and research to make people’s lives better. All the resources that get poured into religious nuttery could instead be spent on things that improve everyone’s qualify of life. I wish I could give that gifted child a kick in the butt.

  16. rockwhisperer says

    Prior to Covid, I never wore a mask unless I was sanding something that was known to be toxic. But I live in the South San Francisco Bay Area, a very multicultural place, and noticed that many people with East Asian ancestry wore masks whenever they might feel ill or were concerned about dealing with other people who might be ill. So, since I try really hard not to judge people without evidence, that was just part of my landscape. No big deal.

    Now, when according to our county, an impressive uber-majority of us are vaccinated, some of us still mask. It’s kinda expected if you even have a cold in some areas. I don’t tend to, unless my asthma is bad. I don’t want to scare strangers with the cough. Why should I share my germs? Even Husband and I can manage to isolate each other from our own when we feel sick. Housemate brought Covid back from a convention she attended, a couple of years back, and isolated well enough that it wasn’t spread in the household.

    Again, what is the convincing argument for sharing one’s germs that cause illness?

  17. rockwhisperer says

    @17, awomanofnoimportance

    I think civilization is not a failed experiment, it’s simply that we fragile, baffled humans need to try many times before we get it right. We’ve gotten it mostly right in many places, for short periods of time. Trying and trying again, until we do get it right, is preferable to me to giving up. Giving up opens the gates to unfathomable horrors. We’re too many to retreat into our home tribes again, unless some amazing catastrophe befalls us (either involving that hypothetical asteroid or, much more likely, a war involving many combating countries exploding nuclear weapons).

    But there will be many more casualties along the way.

  18. awomanofnoimportance says

    rockwhisperer, No. 19, I would argue that at most times and places civilization has not worked except for those at the very top. As bad as things are now, they are light years better than they were for most people in most of history. The very idea that people even have rights at all, at least as we understand them, has overwhelmingly been the exception rather than the rule.

    I think it’s entirely possible that we might revert back; that democracy may simply have peaked. Voters in one country after another are electing actual fascists or fascist-friendly regimes. It’s not even being forced on them; they’re choosing it.

    I’m old enough that I’m not going to be here much longer, so I probably won’t see the worst of it if I’m right. I do fear for those being born into this world. And I also think we may have passed a tipping point. Hope I’m wrong.

  19. says

    @16: I remember the conspiracy theorists claiming that it was something nefarious that flu season didn’t show up during Covid. You couldn’t explain it to them. Believe me, I tried.

  20. awomanofnoimportance says

    Fentex, I’m not really sure what to say in response to a comment as silly as yours since nothing I said even remotely suggests that I’m confusing the USA with civilization, but you have yourself a nice day.

  21. Kagehi says

    @20 awomanofnoimportance

    This is more of a symptom of a combination of apathy on the part of people that should know better (and which seem to maybe be finally waking up to the problem), and a new, hopefully short term, winning strategy that those that seek to rule have come up with, “Don’t lie well, or even consistently, just do so constantly, as much as possible about everything.” Sadly, unlike the boy that cried wolf, this seems to take decades for people to get fed up with, and a certain, thankfully even in the US slowly shrinking, percentage of the population seem fundamentally incapable of (or perhaps by religion, well trained to) not stop falling for.

  22. says

    @17 awomanofnoimportance wrote: This could be a really great world. All the money that’s being spent on blowing people up could instead be spent on science and research to make people’s lives better. All the resources that get poured into religious nuttery could instead be spent on things that improve everyone’s qualify of life.
    I reply: Those are wise and enlightened thoughts. Thanks for writing them.

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