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    This is Morris. We contacted the plumber, they’re putting together a proposal, which might take a few days…and then a few weeks to get it delivered, and who knows how long to get it installed.
    You know, we got a new refrigerator a while back. It took over 6 weeks to get it here. Ox-drawn covered wagons aren’t very fast.

  2. rockwhisperer says

    Where Husband and I are retiring in the Eastern Sierra, we have to get large appliances shipped to the nearest UPS Store, an hour away, and haul them home ourselves in our pickup truck. Not fun…until we sit back, watch the sun set over the Sierras, and feel very lucky to have such a place.

    A university/college instructor’s work is never done. My MS thesis adviser was a terrific grader as well as lecturer, and would comment extensively on the short answer questions of his exams or the papers he would assign. His favorite pens were inexpensive blue stick pens, not refillable. When the university finally approved my thesis and my degree was awarded, one of the small gifts I had for him was a box of a dozen of those blue pens. He understood it was a small acknowledgement of his effort.

    Covid killed him, I think. Not the virus itself, but the severe restrictions it imposed on his life, married to a beloved wife with a suppressed immune system. Barred from the university grounds because he was over 65, he could no longer potter in his lab. He’d retired from teaching, but teaching online never appealed to him, anyhow. His research projects in limbo, his movements outside his home fiercely curtailed, I think he gave up. A sudden illness took his life, but the person I knew pre-Covid would have fought much harder. This was a few years ago now, but it still saddens me.

  3. drewl, Mental Toss Flycoon says

    I hope your students did well. My favorite instructors were tough but were invested in their kids succeeding.
    I would have loved you as a professor, but all I got was this blog…

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