I’m feeling it

Morris weather:

-23°C (-8°F), -36°C (-32°F) with windchill

It’s been this way all weekend. I lost all feeling in my fingers in the few minutes walking from the garage to my front door when I took off my gloves and was fumbling with my keys. Those dang metal keys are dangerous in this weather.

It’s hard to explain this to the people who actively avoid thinking, but the problem is global warming.

Stupid wiggily jet stream, letting all that cold air freeze me.


  1. boba1 says

    And unless humans devise a method to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, the problem will continue to worsen.

    Enjoy today.

  2. ardipithecus says

    All current weather is a consequence of global warming if you think about it. Weather is a direct consequence of the current conditions of the atmosphere: temperature, heat content, water vapor, aerosols, particulates, insolation . . . . The atmosphere is warming. That is not an opinion, it is data. Current weather reflects current conditions. It can’t be any other way.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Wow, Morris is even worse off than my place in northern Sweden. The Gulf Stream proves its worth again. Suggestion: build one of those domed future cities – not on Mars but right there in Minnesota.

    In regard to Monday ‘s cold weather, the MAGA caucus in Idaho suffers even worse cold… which makes people crowd indoors, in close proximity.

    As others have pointed out a lot of the “interesting” pathogens require mosquitos- not very common in January- which limits the pathogens to either the common cold and stuff people are vaccinated against. Damn.

    I guess I have to FedEx some bats* in time for AIPAC. The Republicans should not mind a few exotic critters -they know epidemics only spread from cell phone networks.
    *the number of poorly known virus species in bats is as numerous as vaccine deniers.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Chigau @ 2
    We had similar temperatures the first week of January – A high pressure area got stuck over Scandinavia and passenger trains had to be cancelled for safety (if a train gets stuck far from roads in -40° you are in trouble).

  5. Reginald Selkirk says

    @5: Dome

    The Buffalo Bills don’t need a dome, the city does

    In reality, a cover over the stadium wouldn’t have avoided the postponement of the Bills-Steelers Wild Card tilt. Stadium domes don’t make streets accessible or improve driving visibility around Orchard Park for over 70,000 people. The under-construction New Highmark Stadium (irony: the company that owns naming rights to the Bills’ home field is a healthcare conglomerate based in…you guessed it: Pittsburgh) doesn’t need a dome, but one over the entire city of Buffalo would be a better use of taxpayer funds. ..

  6. birgerjohansson says

    I wonder at which population density it becomes feasible to make tunnels people can use in winter. I am thinking moving walkways, like in many airports.

  7. KG says

    And unless humans devise a method to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, the problem will continue to worsen. – boba1@1

    Ceasing to add more would (with a certain lag) stop climate disruption worsening. And plants devised a method* to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere some time ago.

    *Grow, die, get buried to avoid rotting.

  8. says

    Here at Morris, we have a tunnel connecting the science building to the student union and library. They were going to connect the social sciences & humanities & arts building, too, but the budget ran out.
    We do have tunnels between them all if you know the secret entrances, but they’re not pretty and you’re walking between steam pipes and grisly bits of dead bugs on rough concrete.
    Once again, STEM gets the advantages!

  9. jenorafeuer says

    Montreal has one as well, the RÉSO (a pun on the French word ‘réseau’ or ‘network’). I actually made use of it when I was there for Anticipation, the Montreal World Science Fiction Convention, as both the hotel I was in and the Palais des Congrès (where the convention was held) are connected to it.

    (The Toronto PATH was infamously difficult to navigate… back in the late 1990s a group of reporters with the CBC Metro Morning show started at one end to walk to the other, since the CBC Broadcast Centre is right over on the west end of the PATH; they got lost rather publicly on air. It wasn’t long after that when a whole new set of maps and direction markers got put up down there…)

  10. birgerjohansson says

    The sprawling University hospital complex where I work is connected with a network of tunnels where pedestrians and electric trucks (towing everything needed for logistics) move about. It is a blessing during winter and rainy weather.

  11. Pierce R. Butler says

    Tunnels everywhere, and more needed!

    Just as the slavedrivers taught their human livestock useful skills for their always-over-the-horizon emancipation, Israel has prepared the Gaza-diaspora-to-be for their careers in exile!

    [FTR: /s]

  12. silvrhalide says

    Be jealous PZ– RIT has an entire tunnel network.

    Probably because all that lake effect snow makes surface walking difficult.

  13. Sunday Afternoon says

    I’m heading to MSP tomorrow from San Jose to visit the UMN in Minneapolis. Bought what I hope is a warm enough coat for the trip!

  14. brightmoon says

    It’s about 27F in NYC . Saturday it was 55F . So I’m feeling it . It just hasn’t gotten cold here all winter except for today. Other than the fact that it will kill the trees if it doesn’t get cold I hate cold weather . It’s going down further by the end of the week . Luckily I don’t have to go out until Saturday.

  15. Alan G. Humphrey says

    The high was -3C in Utqiagvik, AK on Jan. 15th and the low was -19C, so it seems the warm air has been pushed all the way to the farthest north US weather station. And the sun has not yet risen there this month.