1. robro says

    I just learned this in a meeting recently. The # sign’s official name is “octothorpe”. It was named by Bell Lab engineers when they added it to the telephone keypad to send instructions to the telephone OS. The “octo” part is clear. The “thorpe” part may have been named for Jim Thorpe. Of course, this naming story may be completely made up, but it is the official name of #.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    PZ Myers @ # 1: … they also ripped off two of his legs!

    Nah, they just nailed four of them in pairs.

    Or else that’s Insect Jesus – our Bug and Savior.

    Jay Cee also manifests, they say, as lamb, lion, fish, dove, eagle … considering the vulnerable ecological niches of all those, he probably figures he’ll have to do his next Coming as invertebrate(s) among invertebrates.

  3. Colin J says

    Definitely nailed the limbs in pairs. Even human Jesus had to do that, since he wasted one branch of the cross as a headrest.
    A person has 4 limbs and a cross has 4 branches, but given the traditional layout of the cross, I guess nailing one limb to each branch would have been very uncomfortable.

  4. Wounded King says

    Colin@ #8 Perhaps I can interest you in the [i]crux decussata[\i] or St. Andrew’s Cross.

  5. Alan G. Humphrey says

    @ Colin #8
    Very uncomfortable? Isn’t that the purpose?

    A more enterprising Roman capitalist could have sold a 4th spike per crucifixion by demonstrating the extra discomfort of having the head also nailed through both cheeks. 90-degree neck twist with an extra score of comfortlessness if the tongue is got, too. But then the expiration date may have been reduced…